2015-12-07 08.25.48If there’s one thing that I love about the holidays, it’s giving back. Growing up, my parents always made sure I knew exactly how much good I could do with the resources I had been given. Not only had I been blessed with a family that worked hard to provide for me, but I was born into a family that encouraged me to give back to others. These are the same values that I am raising my children with.

Even though we can often get caught up in buying the perfect present, shopping for holiday foods, or spending hours enjoying a warm fire and hot cocoa, it’s important to remember that there are many less fortunate than us who don’t have those same luxuries. My family and I make it a goal to help those who can’t afford the same kind of holiday we can. Whether that’s choosing a child from the Angel Tree or volunteering at our local food pantries, we always go out of our way to help those in need

”Kind Kids, Warm Wishes” Program Encourages My Kids to Give Back

I love knowing my children go to a school that promotes that same kind of kindness and giving that I do. It’s not often that we as parents can keep our children learning the same values once they head out into the big world. However, with the Kind Kids, Warm Wishes program at La Petite Academy, my kids get to follow through with their holiday giving. Even though I can take my kids to some of the bigger volunteering spots on the weekends, they are taught the importance of giving back and sharing joy during the school day.


The Kind Kids, Warm Wishes program helps children understand that even a small smile goes a long way. It encourages them to give back to those who have less than they do, even if it’s just in a small way. Not everyone can afford to give the same way as others; however, no act of kindness or charity is too small to someone in need. My children spend their days at school encouraging each other. The “You’ve Been Hugged” program lets them spread a little cheer in the best way they can, through hugs!

Keep the Kindness Going All Season Long

When you are ready to help your kids understand what it means to be kind and to help their communities, the holidays are a great place to start. However, don’t just let the kindness stop there. Even though many people use this time of year to teach their children to give back, there are always those in need of help. Make it an effort to help this season of kindness continue into each season of the year. Encourage your children to discover how they can help in the spring or summer. Together with La Petite Academy and your guidance, we can create a generation that loves to give.


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