Know What Counts

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 De Cluttering can already be a daunting task for most people, myself included. The process becomes difficult when you stumble upon an item that holds a memory. When that happens, the process can come to a complete stand still.

Grant it, the item could just be a piece of paper, a glass item, or even a piece of clothing. It’s not really the piece that keeps you paralyzed but the memory that piece holds.

I think the ease of letting go of an item can be found when you know where it will go. I do my best to work with different charities and organizations that will benefit from clothing, electronics, paper supplies, home decor etc. I truly believe in the power of Paying It Forward.

It’s almost like when you give a gift to that special someone in your life. When offering the gift, you can witness their joy immediately–their face lights up with excitement. You may hear comments like  “I really needed this!”  Or “Gosh, I am so excited! I was thinking about getting this for myself!” At that time there are usually two people with beaming smiles: the Giver and the Recipient.

Donating can bring forth the very same experience; it makes letting go of the item(s) easier when you know someone really needs it. If you feel like the item will be loved, you can release it with fewer twinges of regret.

I experience this all the time as I offer to take items away in my de cluttering sessions. One time I de cluttered an office that had an overabundant amount of supplies. I dropped off the office supplies to a library and the staff were in tears when they saw all the binders, paper, files, and pens. Did I say pens? Yes I gave them 10 boxes of PENS! Why was the staff at the library so happy with pens? The day before they were given a budget for supplies and found out that buying new pens would not be happening for a while. The very next day I walked in with 10 boxes of pens and other great office supplies.

Isn’t that great?

I had a client who had a bag obsession and we were working to get her bags under a manageable amount. In the process we figured out she could change her bag each day for 8 months, so it was time to downsize her collection. We did and I was able to bring handbags to a non-profit group for women who were getting their lives back on track. This organization helps women find jobs. If you are a woman, you know how you feel with a really cute purse in your hand. I was able to offer handbags to these women–the joy, the screams,  and the excitement was amazing.

Isn’t that great?

Paying it forward will allow the memory to be even more than you can imagine. As it’s time to release an item you end up releasing it to become something even more. Each time I donate items to that special organization, I get to see that “ something even more.” I love it! And I get it! 

Do you have some de cluttering awaiting you? If so, it’s time for you to do some releasing. It’s time to let go of the item, it’s time to honor the memory, and it’s time to Pay It Forward.


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Planting Peace!