I once worked a job in retail. I didn’t like the job, but it paid the bills. One day, the store manager called me into her office and dropped some knowledge to me.

“You are better than this job. You aren’t like the people that work here. I understand why you are here. When a better opportunity presents itself, you leave.”

I refer to that moment in my life as a layover. Consisting of moments, events, and/or situations, layovers tend to occur when the intended journey encounters a detour. At times, I could have avoided a layover. Other times, it was beyond my control.

Such is life right?

Instead of becoming angry, I made the most of it. Stayed focused. Made some edits to the goals that would help me along my journey. When it was time to board en route to my journey, I was ready. Even if it wasn’t the original route.

There are lessons in everything. Embrace your layovers.


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