Lazy Coworkers: How to Solve The Problem

Sometimes, it is a problem that your employees come to drink coffee, have a chat with colleagues and browse on the Internet while dreaming of a brilliant career and quarterly awards.Unfortunately, such an attitude does not work for you. On the contrary, you want everyone in your company to be enthusiastic and fully committed to the work they do, instead of being lazy coworkers.

You, of course, can not calmly observe everyone idling during the working day. Therefore, you should come up with something that can serve as a stimulus for your employees. As a result, you get both happy workers and all the job was done in the best manner and within the short period of time.

lazy coworkers
Lazy coworkers


The first thing that comes to mind is to increase control and introduce some punishment for every other misbehavior at the working place. However, you should know that raise the voice is quite an unsuccessful idea. Of course, at first all this can work, but in the end, you will achieve the opposite result – demotivation.

What is more, your employees will be kept in constant fear. For example, the fear of encountering an assignment that they will not manage to complete. All that will repel their desire to work at all.

So, it is better when you make the remarks correctly. First, talk to your employer about his mistakes only face to face. Secondly, do not label him, always discuss a specific situation and do not allow yourself such attacks like: “You are a famous lazy person.” Thirdly, do not start a conversation shouting at somebody but calmly ask. In the latter case, you have a chance to hear not the gigabytes of excuses, but to learn the sequence of the employee’s actions. Having learned this, adjust the algorithm of his work for the future.

Also, you can tell the employee what will happen if he does not stick to the procedure. Only inform, not threaten. Then your image of an understanding leader will not be affected, and the employee will understand his mistakes.


Maybe, it’s some kind of kindergarten, but the public recognition of merits influences a person no less magically than the monetary bonus.

However, do not get carried away: in a fiercely competitive environment, there develops the spirit of competition. A person who is afraid to give into colleagues stops sharing his experience, and when he goes on vacation, the work can just stop.

To avoid universal squabbling, emphasize that any employee should strive to work not better than a neighbor, but better than yourself yesterday. What is more, be sure to add to the criterion of individual development, the criterion of mutual assistance. You may praise a particular employee, but emphasize that his victories are the merit of the whole team.

competition is key
Competition is key

An example to follow

Especially before a deadline looming on the horizon, he is leisurely sitting in the working chair and throws his feet on the table … This image of the boss is a thing of the past. The more efficiently you work, the more effectively your employees work. It is hard to convince employees to come to work by 10 if you arrive there somewhere by noon.

Do you want the employees to correctly draw up reports or quickly dig a hole near a fence? First, teach them. For example, arrange for them a professional workshop. During a working day, take some part of the work yourself and make it better and faster than everyone.

It is often recommended to do presentations and to show everyone how to work or behave using your own example. Every modern company should have some meeting room with all technology that will allow all employers to show their skills to everyone, and to learn new skills from others. Using TV’s, wall projectors, notebooks and some software for the team meeting is a must!

Even if you forgot how to do this or that thing, it should take quite a bit of time to remember and show it to your colleagues.

Bank of ideas

What do your employees think? Do they have ideas about working and organizational aspects of the company’s activities? Some bosses do not care about that. In fact, they have enough of their own worries. In addition, someone simply does not know how to listen or ask questions. It is sometimes easier to suppress authority and categorically reject a timid idea rather than to understand the essence of the matter. This is actually the key to solve the problem of lazy coworkers.

So, you can create a bank of ideas. There everyone will have the opportunity to express their opinion, write a review, make an offer. You’ll see how the workers “suddenly” and “completely out of nowhere” will have a lot of useful ideas. What is more, the fact that they are listened to will serve as an additional incentive for a productive work.

Do yourself a career and help others

Each of your coworkers should know that he will not leave his youth in your department but can move up the career ladder. If you have found out that the next department needs a boss – recommend your employee. This way, the awareness that this can happen to everyone, will encourage the whole staff of your department. What is more, the newly-made boss will be very grateful to you. In addition, he will be a good ally to you from now on.

In the end, make a career for yourself as well. Increase your skills, discuss new projects with your bosses. Then, quietly prepare your deputy to realize the fact that he will take your place when you go up the career ladder.


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