Learn to Write Awesome Sales Copy from an Expert Copywriter!

Learn to Write Awesome Sales Copy - Words that Sell from an Expert Copywriter!
Learn to Write Awesome Sales Copy – Words that Sell from an Expert Copywriter!

Learn to Write Awesome Sales Copy – Words that Sell from an Expert Copywriter!

As I said in Sales is a Four Letter Word, I hate sales.  But since I’m a self employed copywriter, I have to figure out how to sell my services. Now is the time to figure out the easiest way to do this.

To become a master salesperson, we have to start learning some new skills.  Writing copy is something we all must do, unless we outsource it. And even if we outsource this, it’s important that we understand the basics of creating a compelling message.

Below is a list of the top words that sell. There are hundreds of words that sell, but what I want to do is create certain categories. Like what words convey positive or negative emotions. Or what words best convey excitement, urgency, or trust.

Because it’s not so much the word. It’s what the word conveys to your reader. Or how effective the word is at persuading your reader to buy.

So save/print/pin this list for the next time you have to write some rocking sales copy!


    • You


    • Because


    • Free


    • Instantly


    • New


    • Results


    • Easy


    • Love


    • Proven


    • Save


    • Money



    • Absolutely


    • Best


    • Big


    • Breakthrough


    • Discover


    • Free


    • Maximize


    • Powerful


    • Rave


    • Shocking


    • Solution



    • Deadline


    • Exclusive


    • Limited


    • Special


    • Secret


Negative Feelings

    • Afraid


    • Failure


    • Helpless


    • Paralyzed


    • Problem


    • Stressful


    • Surrender


Positive Feelings

    • Dependable


    • Easy


    • Energize


    • Happiness


    • Overcome


    • Protect


    • Simplify


    • Surprise


    • Trust



    • Bargain


    • Bonus


    • Discount


    • Free


    • Lowest


    • Reduced


    • Save


    • Special


    • Unlimited


Trust & Credibility

    • Advanced


    • Benefit


    • Guaranteed


    • Improved


    • Protect


    • Proven


    • Results


    • Simple


    • Trust


    • Quality



    • Deadline


    • Limited


    • New


    • Now


    • Results


    • Today


*note: words can be in more than one catagory

 Your Turn

Here’s my list. Do you have a category to add? Or words you believe work better?

Liesha Petrovich is passionate about micro business education. Doesn’t sound sexy does it? But teaching micro business owners how to create success and freedom is. Learn more at Micro Business Essentials and follow her on Twitter

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