Learning 101: Designing a Promotional Postcard, Mistakes and All!

Well, I stepped out on my own, and will be speaking at a gathering to promote my consulting practice .  I decided that handing out business cards was not going to be the level of promotion I desired, and, lo and behold, as I entered the juice bar to refuel, I noticed the shiny postcard on the counter.  Hmmmm….

I put the postcard in my purse and went on my errands.  Every time I took out my wallet, there it was, the shiny, colorful postcard, veggies glaring at me as if to say, “What are you waiting for?” 

So, I popped into Fedex/Kinko’s to ask for a quote.  I was told to go online.  Ugh!  With no human being to help me, I shoved the postcard back in my purse and went into holiday mode.  Just as the calendar became accustomed to 2013, I realized that the speaking date was quickly approaching.  I gathered up my courage and found the Fedex/Kinko’s online printing store.

I’ll save you the joys and sorrows of creating my own graphic piece, but hours later, I was pretty happy with the outcome just using Keynote and cuttings from my own website material.  I was ready to order the cards.  Fitting the artwork into the template proved frustrating and time-consuming, but I stuck with it, and finally clicked on  the “purchase”link.  Elation…until I realized that I had a typo and that the online format did not allow for cancellation.  Bummer.  A $100 lesson?  Ah, well, I think it turned out great in the end…


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