Learning 101: What inspires you?

“Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom.
How do they learn it? They fall and falling,
they’re given wings.” –Rumi

Welcome to my blog!  Who am I?  I am a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, an educational consultant, and a relisher of current trends and research.  What an exciting time to be living!  After a long career in day-to-day education as a teacher and principal, I am finally working on my own, for myself!  I feel as it the world is opening up to me, ready for a second launch on the heels of jettisoning my third adult into her own wonderful life.

What inspires me?  My kids, for one.  My  youngest is a rare bird who found her position as an account executive in the world of fashion merchandising as she completed college, not so easy to do these days.  Several years ago she went through my closet and said, “Mom, if the clothes are on the floor, get rid of them.   When you shop, look in the mirror.  If you think that you look a little frumpy it’s a clue that you look WAY frumpy.  Don’t buy it!”  She was right. At 16. She, as my “what not to wear guru”  was the forerunner of a my life-makeover. 

Having gained weight during a late-in-life, planned third pregnancy and going right back to work without time for my former dance classes, I now look to that blessing of a child as the one who is allowing me to see myself beyond my age.  I am creating a life that allows me time to exercise and move the way I did when I was younger, meditate, take care of my household, and still carve an innovative path for a “third act” career.  In some ways our lives are in parallel as she steps out in the working world for the first time and I step out into the working world without the considerations parenting brings.

My life is complicated and glorious.  For those of you starting out I can truly say that older is better.  For those of you in my station of life, I say, “  Whoopee!  We did it!”  For those of you somewhere in the middle, I say,  “Keep doing what is in your heart.  It’s all good.”  There is so much to do in this wonderful life!  We never know where we will find inspiration. Where is yours?


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