Learning to Read |6 Ways to Encourage Your Kids

Reading books is an integral part of children’s lives that enhances it in several ways. If you’re like most parents, there are important traits you’d like to instill in your children, such as strong communication skills, self-discipline, and academic achievement to name a few, and healthy reading habits will provide your child with all of those traits and more, but you first need effective tools to encourage your kids to read. According to experts, reading is essential for child development, as it helps the child develops logical thinking skills, creates a strong bond between child and parent, enables them to master the English language, and even improves their concentration for the long run.

While reading is an important part of raising bright children who excel academically, not every child is willing to pick up a book every day and read, which can make encouraging your kids to read rather difficult. Similarly, if your child isn’t interested in reading or doesn’t read as much as you’d like, you may find yourself at a crossroad. However, these 6 expert proven tips will encourage your child to read more often and help them to develop the positive traits that come along with good reading skills.

Encourage your kids to read


Learning to Read Tip #1: Encourage your kids to read with story sharing

The best way to encourage your kids to read is to have them read a story to you or their sublings. While reading is sometimes interesting to some children, it becomes much more interesting with parents are involved. You can sit down each night and listen to a story, then encourage story sharing with your child even further by discussing the story such as which were their favorite parts.

Learning to Read Tip #2: Encourage your kids to read by exploring beyond books

In today’s world, reading extends beyond the standard paperback and the options technology offers makes encouraging your kids to read even easier. If you aren’t having luck with the standard reading strategy, opt for magazines, comic books, or even e-readers. Many kids find they enjoy spending time reading when they’re offered with different options to meet their unique needs.

Encourage your kids to read
Encourage your kids to read

Learning to Read Tip #3: Encourage your kids to read by making it fun

Nothing is less appealing to children than a boring afternoon without any of the fun, and they often attribute this type of situation with learning activities like reading. If you make reading enjoyable for your kids, you can encourage your kids to read while keeping the activity fun. While reading, create fill in the blank questions they can answer or help them create a different ending. Similar activities like the above-mentioned ones, encourage reading while creating a fun experience they’ll enjoy.

Learning to Read Tip #4: Mark achievements to encourage your kids to read

Kids thrive on impressing their parents, and what better way to reward them for their efforts. You can encourage your kids to read by choosing different rewards that are given upon reaching milestones. For example, rewarding your child upon completing a book with a small gift like money or trinkets. While rewards shouldn’t be constant, a small bonus here and there makes a big difference.

Learning to Read Tip #5: Encourage your kids to read by recognizing accomplishments

Kids thrive on praise, and when it comes time to encourage your kids to read, praise just may be the tool you need to achieve success. A chart or graph of accomplishments offers you a way to praise your child, provides a visible record of your child’s achievements, all while providing your child with a chance to feel proud of their accomplishments. Some experts suggest that similar methods, such as create a game board of book titles and filling in the spaces as each one is read. Both techniques are often successful and can be used early on in life to encourage strong reading habits.

encourage your kids to read

Learning to Read Tip #6: Encourage your kids to read with independence

While it may be tempting to offer your child with a few good book suggestions you feel could help enhance their lives, encouraging your kids to read will be much more successful when you allow them to choose what to read. Reading should never be approached like a chore for your child, but more of a positive experience that will bring enrichment into their lives. Reading extends far beyond the traditional hard and soft cover novels, and some kids  comic books or magazines. As long as age appropriate, your child will enjoy reading a lot more if given the chance to choose what they read exactly.

Learning to Read: Final Thoughts

Reading is an important skill that will enrich your child for a lifetime, and it doesn’t have to stop when your child puts down the book. Sharing stories you’ve read with your child, suggesting titles you’ve read that you believe they would enjoy, and encouraging them to share their stories with you, is a great way to encourage reading long-term

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