Learning to Think without Emotion; a Big Key to Success

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As woman we are taught to think from an emotional standpoint. No one ever teaches us to be stand back and look at whatever we want to accomplish from a standpoint of logic. I am not saying women are goof balls. In fact, I am saying the opposite. We have this gift within ourselves to be able to take care of the babies, run companies and have successful relationships all at the same time. We are trained to lead with our heart first. A lot of times that does not work in business. You have to make tuff decisions to get where you want to go.

I call this “Skilled Logic” It takes skill to set our emotion aside and look at all sides of a situation. It takes skill to stop and think and move forward with no agreement. You know you are doing the right thing because you thought it out and put the emotion aside. It takes skill to take chances in life. You are taking those chances because it not a sudden responsive decision to a situation. You stood back weighed the options out and realized it is a risk but one you are willing to take eyes wide open

Keep your instincts they will be an ingredient in “skilled logic”. It is important if you get a gut feeling about something. Check it fully out. A lot of times you will be right.

We train our bodies; we do not train our minds to work in our favor. This is one of the biggest thing’s I can give you to be successful. You will not have as many regrets. You also will take big leaps because you have thought it out; that gives you more of sense of security into the unknown. You will show up as a leader in your life.

Practice setting the emotion aside and see what happens… You will amaze yourself.


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