Leaving Your Mark On the Business World: Logos

logosLeaving Your Mark On the Business World: Logos

Logos are the graphic representation of your company that uniquely states who and what you are within three seconds to a potential customer. That does not leave you a lot of time to say a whole lot. But with the right logo that three seconds can say everything, if you have the right logo.

Logos are an intricate part of any company that wants to succeed in the visual world we live in today. Think of the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, that is what your logo is; it is a picture of your company presented to the world that says everything about you. It has been proposed that visual communication can be more effective than verbal communication and can be absorbed and retained more quickly by the brain. Great examples of effective logos include: Apple Inc. multicolored apple, McDonald’s golden arches, Nike’s swoosh, and Coca Cola’s famous script typography. Even though many companies have gone through upgrades of their logos throughout the years, the basic idea and branding concept is still visible in each version. Is it time for a new or upgraded logo for your company? Read on to discover how to start this critical step in your company’s future visual identity.

Even though advertising agencies of the past were always the go to place for logos, today’s freelance graphic designers are a great alternative to the high priced agencies. Today’s degreed graphic designers are taught the basic rules of design and how to put verbal thoughts to graphic images on paper. There are also many online companies now that specialize in logo design and make sure you get a great variety of logo concepts to choose from by utilizing several designers in each project.

Here are a few guidelines to consider when developing ideas for a logo.

1. Keep it simple.
2. Research your competitors and your audience. This also helps in idea generation.
3. Be different. Don’t copy or imitate.
4. Color choice should be complimentary and related to your brand somehow. Remember to check how it looks in black and white.
5. Logos can include words, graphics, or both.
6. Remember that the logo should look good small and large.
7. Hire a graphic designer.

Having a great professional logo has many benefits some of which include: recognition, attraction of new customers, builds your brand, reputation, memorable, distinguished, and shows commitment to your product/services. Not only can your logo do all that but it has a greater impact with today’s social media. Blogs, RSS feeds, discussion boards, Twitter, and Facebook can all be social places where your logo can be recognized and seen as a friend of the people and bring in new customers who become regular followers of your company. These social butterflies are great marketing tools and can help propel your company to places you could never imagine.

A logo is not the end all to your marketing and branding campaign, but it’s the best start. A company’s brand is a complicated, living, breathing, ever changing element. All the elements need to work together seamlessly and function as one. The ability to be distinguishable and memorable in a sea of competitors is the first step in becoming a company that gets recognized and makes history, and your logo is the first step.

My name is Lubomyra (Luba) Korduba. I have decided to take my three degrees, college teaching skills, and freelance experience as a graphic designer and start sharing it with more than just my students. I am a new freelance writer/author/expert and hope to make it a second career.

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