Lessons From The Ten Boom Family

Once upon a time, there was a watchmaker named Casper who had a wife named Cor and four children named Corrie, Betsie, Nollie and Willem.

Casper and Cor made their home atop the family watch shop. It was a simple, peaceful home of small rooms filled with warm things like a grandfather clock that chimed with the power of Big Ben, an upright piano, needlepoint pillows, a rocking chair and bookcases filled with books describing the wonders of the world and their faith.

Upon my visit, it was evident that this now unoccupied home was once a destination spot filled with music, laughter and life. It was well-known that their door was always open and new people came often.

During World War II, the Nazis invaded Holland and the Casper Ten Boom family, already accustomed to open doors, opened them even wider than they had ever dreamed. They hid hunted Jews from slaughter and, therefore, saved up to 800 people from execution.

Over the past few weeks, we have been faced with too many unthinkables. Boston, West, TX, earthquakes, tornadoes, and a few moments of silence remembering the bombing that shook Oklahoma City 18 years ago. I’m sure there’s even more that you have faced personally.

In the middle of this chaos, I think of the Ten Boom family as a guide and I commit to join them. Don’t worry. I’m not jumping into a conspiracy theory forecasting future evil and annihilation – even though it could come. Rather, I am advocating for a movement modeled by people like the Ten Booms and you. Devoted people spending themselves/ourselves on others, life, kindness, generosity and HOME – no matter what comes.

HOME. A safe haven filled with so much life and love that we use every single thing that we have to embody it, whether it be hot rolls, hot meals, flowers, forgiveness, encouraging words, time to be present, a simple “from the belly” laugh, a hug, a prayer or a hidden closet where the innocent can hide.

The world is in desperate need of hope. The hope that we all can go HOME. Are you in?


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