Let It Go(al)



I have one song on ‘repeat’ in my car – Idina Menzel’s “Let it Go” from the Disney mega-hit, “Frozen”. If ‘Elsa’ accepted my insurance, I’d list her as my go-to under Mental/Behavioral Health.


Lately, belting out the three-word chorus has become my mantra, as many of life’s little things have proven frustrating. In a two-week span, my TV blew, my SUV died and was then incorrectly impounded. With each hit, on went the iPod and out came the off-key singing.


Yesterday, I watched as a car in the far right lane made a sharp left to cut directly across three lanes of rush hour traffic into a Starbucks. Many of us laid on our horns in question and got a raised finger in response. So happy my new car’s radio has a ‘repeat’ function.


And, this morning, after finding my 4-month-old dishwasher no longer washes dishes, I woke up with the chorus in my head. Can only imagine what the preceding dream had been…


Ask those who know me and you’ll learn I have an elephant’s memory. I rarely forget, and I do try my best to forgive and let things go…but I’m not always successful with the latter. My mind is such that I actually relive my remembrances – the feelings associated with an event, happy, sad or angering, flood back.


But Disney’s Academy Award winning lyrics evoke empowering emotions. Belting out phrases such as, “It’s time to see what I can do”, “the past is in the past” and “I’m free” are, well, literally freeing. It’s amazing what the power of music and a mantra can do. My mission for March is to move forward past the annoyance and irks that hold me in place – it’s my “Let It Go(al)”.


Alison OBrien is a three-time Emmy Award winning long-form television producer who, lucky for her, put “start my second career” high on her to-do list. She creates EcoFriendly, funky and functional fitness apparel as CEO/Co-Founder of JWalking Designs.

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