Let’s talk about…Building an Empire without Minions

I don’t have minions. I have a husband but he doesn’t count. I have a kid but frequently and mostly unintentionally, she is the anti-minion. What I need is a minion for childcare, a minion for dog care, a minion for housekeeping (preferably in a French maid’s uniform), a minion for couple’s therapy and maybe a minion that can do a really good spa pedicure. In my effort to build an empire and take over the world, is that too much to ask?

I wear a lot of hats. I think all working women do. The number of hats increases exponentially if you are self employed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of hats (and shoes, if you must know) but dear God, there are some days…

Lest you get the wrong idea, I am thrilled with the direction my life has taken. Perhaps that’s too passive, let’s try it again – I am thrilled with the direction I’ve taken my life. After all, it is my life, my choices, my results…but I am freaking tired! There are moments, small ones in the depths of the night, under the cover of darkness, that my superwoman-ness falls away and I’m left with, what? A little fear, a little anxiety and dare I say, a touch of inadequacy. Am I even allowed to say that out loud? I wonder if Steve Jobs felt like this in the early days? I doubt it. He probably had minions.

As a woman entrepreneur running a start-up communication strategy’s empire, it’s hard not to have doubts. Factor in the whole wife and mother thing and is it any wonder I’m looking for someone to help draft a syllabus, call the client, wash the windows (I don’t actually wash the windows) and handle “the look” after asking that Sponge Bob be turned off. I wouldn’t trade it though. Yeah, I’d like to win the lottery but until that happens; I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. Yes, I work 75 hour days (don’t ask me how, I just do) but I work for me and that makes all the difference. A couple of days ago my daughter said to my husband, “Mommy owns a company and you don’t…” So, so very worth it.

I realized that minions are little capsule-shaped beings. Maybe they’re medicine. Take two minions to make the calls, answer the emails, and cook the dinner…and call me in the morning. On second thought, never mind, I’ll do it myself.

LB Adams

LB Adams is the Owner of Pragmatic Dramatics based out of Charleston, SC. Her company uses basic acting techniques and theatre games to train business professionals to communicate more effectively.

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