Life Interrupted or Edited?


{image by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³}

 I wanted to share a link to a video of a TED presentation by Graham Hill called “ Less Stuff, More Happiness”

Click here to watch.

 Most people push off organizing because it brings forth the contents in their life. People feel they will either have to purge, throw away or give away cherished items.

So I don’t blame people if they avoid organizing. I would not want to organize if I felt that–What a drag!

 I realize it takes my clients a while to book a session with me I know when they struggle and how difficult the process can be.

 Can I share a different perspective with you here?

Sometimes you need to give in order to get.

If you are yearning for a simpler life than why not try making small edits to your life now? Give to get does not have to be an all or nothing it CAN be completed with EASE. The basic principles can be easy to follow when looking at your space. Look for the excess in your life and start there and slowly work your way thru that area.

 Remember the goal is not deprivation or even sacrificing it’ simply to trim down. I encourage you to do some life and space edits on your own.

Need support? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

 Planting Peace!