Living my Life Like it’s Golden!

Living My Life Like it's Golden!


When you are doing what you were born to do, it frees you to truely help others.  I have found that although I have more obligations in my startup, I find myself helping young adults more.  Young adults ages 18-25 are at a stage in their lives when they are trying to figure things out about themselves.  What I help them do is bring closure to unfullfilled childhood hurts that would otherwise keep them in a cycle of repeating the same bad choices.  I have become a second mom to most of these young people.  I use my life’s lessons along with the Biblical Principles I now apply to my life as a guide to help heal, loose, and set free old wounds, hurts, and damage which keeps many young people angry and misunderstood.  Where am I connecting with young people you ask?  On Facebook & Instagram.  I hope to grow my following into a blog and possible YouTube Channel in the near future!   


I have to thank God for seeing the fulfillment of all the many gifts he has deposited in me and for all the wonderful people I come in contact with daily.  Who would have thougt that making and selling my personal care products from “Ooh LaLa Soap Co.” would begin to exposure  other jewels that I am discovering about myself and my life’s mission of service to others!  I prosper because my soul prospers!  I may have to live a life of sacrifice right now as I grow my business, but I don’t mind, because I love the way my young adults feel and I love to read their posts telling me they are praying more, are less stressed, and best of all, they are not angry everyday.  When I hear a young person tell me this, I know, I am truely doing my life’s work!  


I wish all the Eve’s on Project Eve the very best and I look forward to connecting with as many of you as I can!




Have a Blessed Day!



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