Living the dream

How to travel through life (samuiblue, Free Digital)

Is it really possible? To live the dream – your dream?

Yes!  Absolutely – it is!  I am going to do it this year 2014.  It has been a long time coming but the time has arrived for me to travel and see as much of the world as I can.  I have taken the plunge, will sell my house, use the funds to travel and invest in my business (counseling and coaching) by setting up somewhere new.  That may be in the UK still but maybe it will be somewhere else! I just don’t know for sure yet.

I can’t wait to see where my plan takes me!   As a life coach I encourage clients to llive their dream – identify goals, build resources and take a step by step approach that is manageable and effective.   It really does work!   Setting goals, planning your future – it may not happen immediately, but it will happen, when you ‘programme’ your mind towards it (NLP in coaching).   Your mind will then have it’s agenda and will automatically keep an eye out for opportunities, information and ‘signs’.   And there you are, it’s simple.   Yes, really, not quite – it takes trust, effort, and awareness but this is how we achieve our dreams.   If you’re in business, this is how you started!  In your dream job – this is how it began for you.

But living the dream – what is your dream?  Doubt it can really happen?  It can so you have to believe in it, yourself and that opportunities come your way – and they do, regularly.  But you have to be ready and able to take advantage of those options.   Visualising what you want.  If you really want it you can feel it, you ache for it, and you hope for it every day.  That’s why you can achieve your goals and live you dreams.   Small ones, whole lifestyle changes like mine, or personal development maybe.

I’m not a young woman venturing out into the world, but an older woman venturing into a wide world – of wonder….people, places, views, cultures and events I don’t know (yet!).  What will your life bring as you move through the various phases and ages?   Nothing stands still, especially time!   So make the most of it.  Feel happy most days if you can.   Make things happen and keep trying new things, meeting new people and sleeping in different places on a regular basis.  Sounds exciting? …or may be scary. Maybe but push your boundaries every day too.

I want to see the world, so I want to travel by train mostly so I can watch the scenery, the day to day lives of places I pass through too.  I want to see as much as I can.

What do you want to do with you life and what would make you go out and do it?   Being sensible is necessary sometimes in our lives, but other times we need to just …jump!

List your achievements, list your dreams, list your skills, resources and options.  Opportunities come and go, sometimes you will be in a position to take them – so say yes!   Other times, maybe not – time, money, confidence, space and understanding, but they can come again in a different guise.

Set yourself at least one goal every year – maybe before your next birthday, you plan something you want to do each year.   Something you will remember fondly, remember that you did it even when it was difficult or not ‘sensible’ – but as long as it was fun!

Keep going.  A little crazy, wild and exciting, or quieter, growth and learning.  Life is like that – it’s ups and downs, coming and going, starting and growing.   Enjoy your life, live your life and live the dream too!

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