Lost the Passion for Your Career? Here’s How to Reignite It

After spending years working hard to make their way up the career ladder, women often begin to feel a bit burnt out. With all the ups and downs that come with a career, and the lengthy hours required of women to get results, it’s understandable that the passion for a role and industry can be lost after a while. Many women also have, on top of all their work commitments, other responsibilities to make time and energy for, such as raising a family and running a household.

If you’re currently feeling like your passion, not to mention your feelings of confidence, inspiration, focus, persistence and resilience are waning, now is the time to do something about it. Read on for some ways you can reignite things and get your passion and energy back at full speed ASAP.

Add Variety and Change Things Up

First up, it makes a big difference if you look for ways to add variety in your work. For example, make sure you’re learning new things all the time. If you’re feeling stale, you can reinvigorate yourself by enrolling in a new course, such as a program for an online business certificate or a specific program in marketing, sales, analytics, accounting or another topic. There are also many options when it comes to talks, conferences, trade shows and networking events to attend.

Learning new things will get your brain thinking in new ways, and you’ll have the chance to meet interesting new people. By networking and making new contacts, you’ll likely find that you’re motivated and inspired by others, and you will soon see things in a fresh light.

As well, it helps to find yourself a mentor. While many people think mentors are just for when you’re starting out, the fact is that coaching can be helpful at any stage of your career and assist you in moving forward, creating new goals and becoming more productive. Mentors can act as a support system, too. If you’re feeling burnt out because you’re emotionally drained, having a mentor to listen and offer suggestions on ways to deal with challenges more effectively can help you feel better. They can also point you toward your passion and new opportunities to pursue.

Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to change things up somewhat in your work routines and in the tasks you handle. Making some changes in how when, and where you work can help you to feel reinvigorated, and having new challenges to pursue can get your creative juices flowing again.

Give Yourself Some Time off

Next, think about when the last time was that you had a proper length of time off from work. Many entrepreneurs and other busy professionals don’t take regular holidays or even short breaks from work (such as weekends off), and therefore end up burned out.

To combat this, book yourself a vacation. Set things up before you go, so you don’t have to check emails or accept any work calls. This way you can have a proper break and fully recharge. You’ll find that doing this will give you proper rest, physically, mentally and emotionally, while at the same time the change in scenery, no matter where you take yourself, will also help you see things in a fresh way and help you come up with new ideas for your business or career.

Delegate More

Another common issue that arises for many female professionals is that they work too many hours and become incredibly stressed because they try to do too many things themselves. If you’re like others, you likely have people reporting to you whom you can delegate to, but you may worry about them doing the job well, or quickly enough, and therefore end up micromanaging them.

Doing this will soon cause you to lose the passion for your work, so this habit needs to be addressed. Remember: Even if you don’t have people working for you, you can still delegate by outsourcing tasks to contractors or other companies. Keep in mind that thanks to technology there are many tasks you can automate. Think about the things you hate doing or which take up a huge amount of your time without much justification. These are things you should be delegating regularly.



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