Loud & Clear: The True Impact of Nonverbal Communication

The True Impact of Nonverbal Communication

You’ve heard it before; “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” The irrefutable fact is that in every situation our body language – or nonverbal communication – always speaks louder than our words.

In light of this truth, learning to effectively read nonverbal cues can be an invaluable skill in countless business interactions. Whether you’re in a meeting, interview, pitch or presentation, understanding the full realm of what is being communicated will give you a tremendous edge, telling you when it’s time to pull back or if it’s safe to push on. And since the cues of nonverbal communication are universal, it only takes practice to hone your body language skills.

The power of nonverbal communication is tremendous, so it’s important not only to learn how to accurately read others, it is also critical to know what you are conveying through your own body language. Your successful communication will require that you not undermine your verbal message with damaging nonverbal cues.

A leading body language expert, Joe Navarro (www.jnforensics.com) has devoted almost a half-century to the study of nonverbal communication. He spent 25 years applying this knowledge to counterintelligence efforts for the FBI, and has authored numerous international best-sellers and contributed to countless publications and television news programs. Joe can teach anyone to read cues in any situation from the boardroom to the poker table. In the following video, he offers some priceless insight into physical cues of discomfort.

In this video, Navarro explains that facial cues tend to be our primary focus when searching for information and often, contrary to what is being said, facial expressions are “real time indicators of what’s going on in the brain.” For instance, nervousness, hostility and weakness can all be expressed through something as innocent as a furrowed brow.

Nonverbal communication also includes hand gestures, body positioning, and how we occupy the space around us, all of which become key indicators of how our thoughts truly align with our words. For instance, did you know that you might be inadvertently communicating disinterest just by pointing your feet toward the door? Other behaviors that will signal your discomfort – and thereby weaken your message – include touching your neck, lowering your head, or jiggling your feet.

With a little practice, you can learn to identify and eliminate the behaviors that may have been holding you back in your career. By taking hold of this extremely powerful aspect of your communication skills you will find yourself in a more commanding position, able to steer the outcome of interactions that had previously felt out of your control.

Today’s ceoHER™ Call To Action is to practice “listening” to your own body language. Record a short video of yourself (3-5 minutes) delivering a speech. Ask a friend to stand in as your audience, or just pretend you have someone else there to whom you can direct the presentation. Make sure you get a full-body shot for the most effective results, and then review the video for behaviors that may be overshadowing your message, and areas where you can build or strengthen your control. If you find this exercise uncovers a real opportunity for improvement, you may be the perfect candidate for my virtual EXPERT BODY LANGUAGE ANALYSIS. This private, 30-minute one-on-one consultation is a quick, effective and lasting method to take your communication skills to the next level, and immediately increase your ability to Get Heard, Get Recognized and Get Ahead.

To Your Success!

Suzanne Franchetti

ceoHER™ was founded in 2012 by leading presentation coach and media training expert, Suzanne Franchetti. Suzanne was sought out by President Obama’s team to serve with an elite group of presentation coaches at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Through targeted coaching and media training programs, ceoHER™ answers the specific communication-related needs of today’s businesswomen and women entrepreneurs to prepare them for the next step in their careers. Operating on the principle that communication is a great equalizer in business, ceoHER™ believes that developing these skills is a key factor in expanding the number of women who reach prestigious C-level posts.

If you are (or you know) a smart, determined woman in business who is ready to gain the competitive edge and confidence you need to communicate your ideas effectively to any audience, ceoHER™ has a program for you. For more information on how you can Get Heard, Get Recognized and Get Aheademail us or call 646-513-3330 today.


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