Lovely little loaded question(s)

Lovely little loaded question(s)

“So, when are we going to see some cash start rolling in?” In the words of Tag Team “whoomp there it is”, that lovely little loaded question from your partner or family. Another one of my favourites is, “why don’t you go and get a real job?” Ouch!

They aren’t supposed to sting, according to the questioner, they are very matter of fact questions, but to the entrepreneur, sitting at their desk, doing everything that they can to make their dream or venture a success, these questions are like pouring lemon juice on a wound.

Here I sit, at my computer, in start-up phase of my own dream venture. While I have the odd bit of paid work, it is very sporadic, so I spend my days blogging, writing, doing stuff for professional development, media and marketing of my brand and image and updating my online presence, doing volunteer work, and completing my diploma of management (that I thought I needed to do while I wasn’t “working”). To me, this is all really important stuff to build strong foundations for my venture, but to others it may just look like I sit at the computer and update facey 24/7.

To my children I am apparently addicted to my computer and watch videos on it all day long, my husband thinks that all I do is muck around on Facebook all day, and due to this assumption, he can’t understand why I don’t have time to help him with the farm work, or drive him to the city for a dentist appointment, or get a job for that matter. The kids are getting sick of me saying they can’t have stuff because I don’t work anymore and my husband is now likening me to the burden of debt on Portugal.

Everyone in my family has obviously developed mum-used-to-work-crazy-hours-amnesia. I had a full time job, a well-paid job, but a very demanding job with lots of travel away. I did earn lots, the family got lots, but I wasn’t here a lot. So with the support of my family behind me, I decided to begin a new venture, of my own, to allow for more flexibility around our family, the kids school, and our sport. There were plenty of discussions about the possibility of poverty similar to the EU deficits for a while until the business really got rocking and rolling, but this was accepted, happily I might add, by all involved. But oh how time can blur the memory of such agreements.

So somehow I need to nip this in the bud once and for all. Following are some of the justifications that I am going to begin using when hit with loaded questions:

• “When we are in our 50’s and have aged gracefully from a reduction of stress and have great relationships with our kids and we are living comfortably, you can thank me then”
• “Today I am very busy engaging possible customers on-line, so no, I can’t drive you to your appointment.”
• “So kids, what do you want more, that new iPod or to go back to eating dads bangers and mash for the entire week that I’m away?”
• “Ok, I can go back to work, but you’ll go back to being house husband.” (Trust me, in my case; he will not like this option!)
• “Yes dear, we may be penniless right now, but at least we are only broke, not broken!”

Please share with me your favourite responses to loaded questions from you loved ones.

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