Lunch Box Ideas for a Picky Eater

Lunch Box Ideas for a Picky Eater

Mom: “What do you want to take for lunch tomorrow?”


Mom: “Peanut Butter and Jelly?”

Child: “No.”

Mom: “Ham and Cheese?”

Child: “No”

This is a typical conversation if you’re the mom of a picky eater. Packing the lunch box can be a total nightmare when your child doesn’t want to take the “normal” things everyone else does for lunch. Some kids get bored with the same old lunches, others just never know what they want! If you want to pack a healthy lunch, this can be even trickier with a picky eater.

If you’re stumped, here are some lunch box ideas to make lunch more exciting for your picky eater!

Lunch Box Ideas for a Picky Eater: Chicken Nuggets

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I have a self-proclaimed picky eater in my house. When my daughter started going to school last year, she hated to have a sandwich everyday. One day she told me a friend’s mom packed chicken nuggets in a thermos for lunch. The light bulb went off. Why can’t I do that? So I did. My daughter’s been eating them ever since! Granted, you do need to cook them in the morning. Give yourself an extra ten minutes. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Lunch Box Ideas for a Picky Eater: Wrap it Up

For some reason, kids seem to be drawn to wraps rather than sandwiches on white bread. You can wrap just cheese. You can wrap cold cuts. You can even wrap veggies. You can cut them in half for their little hands. This is a great idea for that picky eater.

Lunch Box Ideas for a Picky Eater: Smoothies

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You can make these ahead of time and freeze them. Pack them in your child’s lunchbox. By the time lunch rolls around, it should be good to drink. You can make a smoothie with pretty much anything. This is far from the boring sandwich! It’s fun to eat and healthy for your child.

Lunch Box Ideas for a Picky Eater: Fruit on a Stick

With kids, you have to remember it’s all about the presentation. If your child won’t eat fruit whole or cut up in a cup, try it on a stick. It looks more fun, so your picky eater may be more willing to give it a try.

Lunch Box Ideas for a Picky Eater: Pizza Quesadillas

This is another one you can make the morning of. It should stay just fine for lunch. You can fill the tortilla with sauce, mozzarella cheese and whatever other topping you like. This is a fun and easy lunch for your little one.

Lunch Box Ideas for a Picky Eater: Put it a Muffin Cup

You can bake a lot of little snacks in a muffin cup. You can bake make breakfast cups with egg and cheese. You can bake other ingredients like cold cuts and make little mini-quiches. Both of these are great options if your child doesn’t want another sandwich.

The key is to find food that your child will eat. Once you do stick with it. Every once and again you can sneak in some new food to bring them some variety.



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