Maintaining Focus in Business

Maintaining Focus in your Direct Sales Business

Recently I was asked, “How do you stay focused in your business?” 

It’s a very good question. With so many activities, people, responsibilities, and even distractions pulling at us constantly, it’s hard to keep focus on a business. And it’s specially hard in a Direct Sales Party Business when you don’t have a boss or a manager standing over you and measuring your efforts. 

Over time, I’ve learned that staying focused is all about really having every single step that you want to accomplish WRITTEN OUT. 

Our heads can get very cluttered, and it’s easy to be distracted by “shiny” things, so take the time to write out the tasks that you want to accomplish. One of the best ways to do that is to take a spot in the back of a planner/datebook and write out exactly what needs to be done. 

Keep it in a planner because that should always be with you, and so your goals are always close at hand. Break down annual goals into monthly goals, and review them constantly. Assess regularly how close you are to achieving them, and determine if you are getting off track or staying on the right path. This makes it simple to re-adjust plans as needed. 

Also in your planner, in the pages just behind the calendar months, write a list everyday of the things that need to be done. Check them off as they get done & if you don’t do them today you know you need to get to them tomorrow. 

Personal business comes first, so list bookings, sales, and client contact tasks. Then, team business if you are a Leader. Add on any fillers or extras like audio trainings that you want to listen to, articles or direct sales books you want to read, or webinars you need to watch. 

Another tip to help stay focused is to make your goals something that is not only meaningful to you, but also meaningful to your spouse or family. That way, you can talk about it regularly, and it becomes something that’s important to everyone. This helps them to see your business not as something that’s taking you “away” from them, but rather something that is necessary to get everyone to the agreed upon end result. 

Finally, treat your business like a business, and treat your work like work. Change verbiage from “I am going to a party” to “I am going to work”, and you will find that both you and your family will gain new vision of your job, and you will be able to treat it with the respect, focus, and attention that it deserves!

Happy booking, selling, & sponsoring!~ Kim

Kim Denne has 20 years of Direct Sales experience, and is still working in the field as a salesperson and a Sr. Team Mentor of a $1.2M team. Find more Direct Sales tips at her blog, She can also be found at, and on Twitter: @KimDenne.



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