Make life easier with these 10 essential apps for your PC

When you purchase a new PC, it typically comes with a large number of applications already installed, providing you with a few useful items to get you started and productive, and free trials of others so that you can decide if they are beneficial to your needs or not. However, some of the most useful applications you might ever need are often not to be found amongst the preinstalled software, and, you might never know they even exist if you don’t think to search for them at some point.





Many applications that you might definitely want to have once you find out about them are free or relatively inexpensive, and range from simple utilities that make specific processes so much easier, to innovative virus protection applications such as Immunet, which help to protect your PC from viruses and malware. Below are 10 Windows applications that will undoubtedly be very useful.


 1.Ultimate Window Tweaker


As mentioned above, when you first purchase a new PC or install a new operating system, a lot of settings are already preset for you. Chances are you want to change a few of them around to make your workspace more optimally efficient. It can be a pain to have to do this often or make changes whenever some new update is released, but thankfully, with Ultimate Windows Tweaker, you can save all your favorite settings, as well as add new ones as you discover additional tweaks that improve the way you work.




Today’s PCs come with loads of hard drive space to store photos, videos, applications, and many other files. However, today’s files certainly take up a lot more space than they used to as well, especially videos. And thousands of photos or music files can quickly consume a lot of space on your hard drive. Need to know how much space you have left, and what the biggest culprits are that are using the majority of that space? Enter WinDirStat, a handy application that tells you exactly what you need to know, so that you can clean out the unnecessary and make room for more


Despite the fact that a PC you’ve just purchased is sometimes considered obsolete only six months later, a good one can last you several years, provided you have good hardware. But keeping track of all the components of your PC and any upgrades you’ve made over the years can be a daunting task, especially if you aren’t very computer savvy. Thankfully, Speccy does it all for you, letting you know everything about every piece of hardware that is in your computer.


Virus protection for your PC is a necessity, but there are plenty of virus protection applications to choose from. However, instead of opting for one of those you always see sold the stores, you’d be wiser to choose a cloud-based virus protection application such as Immunet. That’s because Immunet updates itself automatically, and provides protection for your PC and any data you have stored in the cloud. This saves you the trouble of having to manually update your virus protection and risking viruses or malware infecting your PC because the application wasn’t up to date.


This is a handy application for anyone who often uses a lot of processing power, such as graphic designers, video processors, 3D renders, and others. Such actions often put a lot of stress on a PC and can sometimes cause them to slow down significantly or even crash. The app will diagnose your processing power and let you know if there are any problems with the CPU.


This is an excellent and useful application that is recommended that you run every few months or so. As you create new files, download items, install new programs, etc., other files are created in registries and other areas of your PC that you don’t really need. Over time, this can add up to a lot of wasted disk space. CCleaner finds those files and deletes them. The first time you run it, you may be surprised at how much space was taken up on your PC by unnecessary files.


Your PC already comes with tools for defragmentation of your PC (which helps to save you space and keep operations running smoothly). However, let’s face it, not all Windows provided software is always up to par. Defraggler is a much better defragging program, delivering more optimal results.

 8.Process Explorer

Just like above, Process Explorer is another, better version of the Windows Task Manager that is pre-installed on a PC as part of the Windows software. But Process Explorer provides you with much more comprehensive information about what your computer is currently doing and what processes may be causing a lag in performance.

 9.Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder

When you install programs, you are often asked to enter a key code to verify that you own the product or have purchased and downloaded online from a proper source. At some point in time, you may need to reinstall those applications, and you’ll need that key code again. Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder can find your key codes for all your programs so that you can keep a record and save them for later use.


Ever accidentally delete a file and wonder how to get it back. Chances are you thought it was lost forever. But with Recuva, you can actually retrieve deleted files so long as they weren’t deleted too long ago. When you delete a file, it disappears from your PC, but is still actually present and simply marked for deletion at a later period in time when it is written over by other data. Recuva scans your drive for files that haven’t been deleted yet and allows you to recover them.

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