Make Room For Change

Make Room For Change

Change is inevitable. However, many of us resist change because the room for change is unprepared. Have you prepared for change? Let me tell you a story about how making room for change can have a lifelong positive impact. There once was a wealthy and wise woman who was quite busy, due to her life obligations. But, life didn’t dictate her flow. Instead, the wise woman took life by the reins and maneuvered it to her advantage. Are you being led or are you leading life? Let me continue. This same wealthy woman had a visitor that would often come to her home whenever he was in town. He never required anything of this woman. However, she decided to add a room to her home, so this gentleman could have comfortable living arrangements whenever he visited. Generosity will prepare you for the opportunity that change brings. This woman expected nothing in return. Do you give unselfishly? Nonetheless, little did the woman know the change to her home was also going to bring about a change in her life. The man that she made room for was a Godly man and he spoke a blessing in her life, because of her willingness to make room for change. The blessing was that she would have a child; although her circumstances didn’t predicate her ability to conceive. But, the woman gave birth to the “miracle” baby at the time that the man said she would. Making room for change opened the door for the woman’s miracle. Change is inevitable, so are you making room? You can read more about this woman in 2Kings 4:8 (KJV). How can you make room for change?

    • Be open to some inconvenience.
    • Be willing to extend yourself.
    • Be generous.
    • Be prepared.
    • Be perceptive.

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Letatia Long is the founder of Time of Refreshing Ministries ) that provides spiritual life coaching for those desiring to move from point A to point B. Letatia enjoys writing, Zumba, and traveling.

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