Making and Sharing Holiday Memories

The holiday season is my favorite time of year. Not only do I get to see my friends and family all in one place, but I get to help my kids learn and create new traditions. Since getting married, my husband and I have made it a goal of ours to create as many new holiday traditions as we can. From putting up the Christmas tree together to sitting down to hot cocoa and our favorite holiday classic, we have always loved spending more and more time together during the holiday season. I’m so glad that now I can do that with my kids.


pe0074420.jpgOne of my favorite things about Christmas is the unique and family-friendly movies that are available for my kids and me to watch. There’s nothing better than snuggling under a blanket by the fire and watching a classic or critiquing one of the newer releases. Plus, the holiday television shows are perfect for getting us in the Christmas spirit. As my children get older, I love watching them learn and understand the magic of the season and get a glimpse of the big man in the red suit. I try to document all our holiday traditions. From videotaping our tree trimming to pictures of us baking our favorite holiday cookies, I love looking back on my memories years later. However, sharing with my family is important too!

XFINITY X1 Helps Me Share the Holiday Spirit

When I want to treat my kids to some time in front of the TV, XFINITY X1 helps me find the perfect holiday movies and televisions shows for them to watch. I love how easy to use the X1 is and how many entertainment options are at my fingertips. What’s best is, we can watch our favorite holiday movies from anywhere. Nothing keeps them more occupied during the holiday cookie baking process than some of our favorites on my iPad, or a car ride to the mall during the winter months is much more relaxing with our favorite television episodes on my phone. My kids love how easy it is for them to move from movie to movie on our long road trip home to see family at Christmas.

IMG_50621Not only does X1 make it simple for me to find the perfect movies for my little ones, but I never have to worry about missing my favorites again. While out shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts, I can sometimes lose track of time. With X1, I can set my DVR to record my favorite shows or the new releases I want to watch from my smartphone while on the go. Not only that, but when a new holiday movie comes out, it lets me know. I am always ahead of the game on some of the best new Christmas hits.

XFINITY X1 Lets Me Share My Holiday Memories

Perhaps my favorite feature of the X1 program is my ability to share all my holiday videos, photos, and memories with my family. The XFINITY Share lets me send all my favorite holiday moments to my television. I love having my photos on the big screen during our family Christmas party. Since my parents live nearly 8 hour away, sending them pictures and videos of their grandkids via the Share app is perfect. They can keep them stored in their phones or tablets, and I don’t have to worry about relying on social media. XFINITY X1 redefines how my family and I create our holiday traditions, and it helps my family be a part of the Christmas season even from states away!

To learn more about the X1 you can stop into any Xfinitity store to request an in-store demo.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of XFINITY. The opinions and text are all mine.


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