Making Fridge magnet Jigsaws in minutes

Final resized
Jigsaws have always been puzzles that are loved by kids and grown-ups alike. Whether it is a basic kiddie picture or a complex, intricate pattern, completing the puzzle always brings a smile of satisfaction on every face.

Just like every home will have a jigsaw puzzle in the games corner of the kid’s room – fridge magnets have become an essential part of the kitchen. From holding up to-do lists and notes or just being a decorative piece, you will find these magnetic accessories on almost every fridge that you come across.

Combining the two items, let us make a jigsaw puzzle that can be useful as well as fun. You can complete this project in a matter of minutes, and the intricacy of the jigsaw is left entirely up to you. I have used very simple pictures from the covers of old activity books. Alternatively, you can use any picture or card which is relatively thick – or even an existing mini jigsaw puzzle.


Materials resizedRequirements:

* Pictures from old book covers or greeting cards
* Scissors
* Magnetic strip
* Outline stencil (optional)



Step 1 resizedFirst step is to choose a perfect picture. You can use an old greeting card, a family photograph or even covers from old activity books. Once you have your selected picture, draw an outline around the required area that needs to be cut out – keep it as a regular boxed shape or cut out a stencil on newspaper and then draw it on your card. Carefully cut along the drawn outline.



Step 2 resizedWhen you have completed step one, plan out how you can separate the picture into smaller parts. Either a random outline around each character or a uniform square pattern will do just fine. After you have cut your picture into separate pieces, cut bits of the magnetic strip and fasten them to the back part of each smaller cut out. Most magnetic strips are self adhesive, but some do not hold on very firmly. If you seem to face that problem, you can put a drop of glue to stick the magnet. Put these under some weight and leave to dry for a few minutes.


Step 3 resizedYour fridge magnets are now ready to use. When selecting a picture, try and pick one with independent characters (like the ones I have chosen) so that they will look complete as individual magnets as well.


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