Making Resolutions Work

Doing resolutions the right way.

Most women I know are crazy busy and lead demanding lives, with more than enough on their to do list each day – yet come New Year’s Eve the good old resolutions come out and add to the load. The usual suspects show up for the party, such as “lose weight”, “exercise more”, “eat less”, “be a better friend/parent/partner” but it’s not too far into January that these well meaning party pals kick off their dancing shoes and leave the party.

With a couple of strategies – and a simple shift in mindset – you can spin things around and turn those resolutions into results!

Today, I’m going to share with you 3 tools that I teach my coaching clients, that will make sticking with your New Years resolutions as easy as ABC (sung in the style of the late, great Michael Jackson of course!). 1. How to put change into action. 2. Recognise that discomfort is a good thing. 3. Break up with your inner Doubting Debbie.

Putting change into action is simply a matter of taking your goal or intention and chunking it down into doable, bite sized steps. For example, if losing weight or releasing weight, as I prefer to say, is your goal then list out the steps that you need to take to achieve this. Each day choose 3 things that you can do that will take you closer to your goal. They might be things like – have a salad for lunch, drink 2L of water and keep a food journal. See, totally doable!

Learning to recognise that the discomfort, or resistance you feel when you are asked to, or ask yourself to, change things up a little, is a good thing. As you go about creating change, you are going to come up against some internal road blocks. I like to say you’re going to bump up against the rough edges of your comfort zone.

Think of this like a workout. You know that every workout takes your body that little bit closer to your goal but you often feel sore and resistant but you know that if you push through to the end of your workout and show up again tomorrow, you’ll get results.

Creating change in other areas of your life, like eating habits and thought patterns, is just the same. Yes, there will be resistance, you will need to push up against your comfort zone, and it might be uncomfortable … but if you simply acknowledge what & how you feel, choose an action that will keep you moving forward, I promise, you will get results.

Here’s my advice for when your Doubting Debbie butts her unwanted nose in and you start thinking “it’s too hard”/”I can’t do this”/”what’s the point, I won’t keep the weight off anyway” or any other inner dialogue that works to derail you.

Take a moment and ask yourself one, or all, of these questions:

“How am I holding myself back right now?”
“If this was easy, what would that look like?”
“What do I need to do, to make this time different?”

One of my clients used this technique and it really threw her Doubting Debbie off her game and she went on to get amazing results! All you do is take your negative thought and put a positive spin on it:

“Why is it so easy for me to make these simple changes?”
“Why is it so easy for me to eat my healthy food and not be tempted by what others are eating?”

To sum it all up: sticking to your New Years resolutions is possible and you can get the results you desire. With the right attitude – and a shift in mindset – you’ll be rocking the dance floor next New Years Eve with everyone wanting to know your secret to success!


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