I love to travel. When I go on trips, one of my favorite things to do is leisurely explore new neighborhoods. For a long time, I would work as hard as I could to save up in between trips. However, working six and even seven days a week made me pretty miserable. Add in family obligations and there was zero time left for me. Frequently, by the time I got to traveling, I was so exhausted I’d simply sleep for the first couple days of the trip.

I realized this really wasn’t sustainable, much less any fun. I lived in a great city I barely knew anything about. I decided I needed a way to create everyday fun for myself and leave behind any guilt I felt about indulging in everyday pleasures. It’s one of the many reasons I love the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. This new card offers 1.5% unlimited cash back on every purchase. There’s no minimum to redeem for cash back. Cardholders can redeem any amount, any time. As I adjust to less of a miserly, workaholic lifestyle I can feel less guilt about spending on everyday indulgences knowing I’m getting some cash back when I do. Or if I’m feeling tight redeem some of my cash back right on the spot.

Now most Saturdays after I workout I let my husband do the kid minding, while I window shop, get coffee (and maybe a pastry), check out local farmers markets and bookstores. Here are some of the highlights from last weekend’s excursion:

Since I was wasn’t fully caffeinated yet my first stop was for this espresso with a perfect crema at a new espresso bar.

Unlimited Fun in a Shot of Espresso
Unlimited Fun Espresso Shot

My next stop was my favorite independent bookstore. The staff picks never lead me astray. After years of reading books on a screen, I’ve figured out I missed the pleasure of actually turning pages of real books and then lending my favorites to my friends. Here is the stack I left with. Of course, now I need to find the time to read them.

Everyday fun at the bookstore
Everyday fun at the bookstore

All that browsing left me feeling a bit peckish so I stopped off for this cup of tea and this amazing custard filled donut.

Everyday Fun in a Petite Donut
Everyday Fun in a Petite Donut

Next, I went to the farmers market. When I started this project of figuring out how to get more fun into my life with less guilt I would usually just pick up something prepared that looked yummy but over the weeks I started thinking about some of the amazing cooking classes I’ve taken while traveling. They were great but never translated into cooking anything when I got home. So, I’ve started making my farmers market visits a part of my project to incorporate more fun into my life. This week I bought ingredients to make an amazing tomatillo guacamole. I’ve never cooked with tomatillos but, I sure have enjoyed them when going out. Below are all the gorgeous green ingredients for my tomatillo experiment.

Unlimited fun with Tomatillos
Unlimited fun with Tomatillos

The result was amazing! Super yummy. The only downside was that it oxidized to a brownish shade pretty quickly despite all the limes and tomatillos and that cute mason jar. So, I had to recruit my family and some friends to come over and eat it all up the same day.

Unlimited Fun in a Jar
Unlimited Fun in a Jar -Yum!

Overall, a very successful day adding more fun into my life. Much better than trying to grind out more work. As an added benefit of incorporating more everyday fun into my life, I’ve found I’m more productive and focused when it is time to get down to work.

To kick off the launch of the Chase Freedom Unlimited card, Chase conducted a survey. The Chase Freedom Unlimited Card survey showed that I’m not the only one with a fun gap in my life. Nearly all American’s want more fun in their lives but only half are having enough of it. How do you incorporate fun into your everyday life? Let me know in the comments so we can pull together a great list of everyday fun ideas. Let’s all come together and find more ways to add more fun into our lives and share about it so we can all join in!


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