Man Up Women! Mastering Confidence In A Women’s World

Women on a whole must learn to respect their own opinions, values and contributions. Too often the consensus is to wait on validation before proceeding to the next level of their career. Relevant actuation starts with you. What are your points of interest? Do they spark more hobby or career? Does your business plan reflect the serious steps of progressive, realistic success for your business model?

I have seen women go to many a seminar. Clap their hands, stand and vow to champion and channel what they have heard into something viable. The walk back to the car proves undermining as they face the real trepidation of the follow through.

Some mistakenly think that previous management skills will instantly set them up for their own business. In certain facets of business that may play an important role. But you have to remember that you most likely became part of a structured set of processes that you had no hand in establishing. Unless you understand ground working fundamentals of creating a business, even a franchise, in which there are patterned foundations, it takes great effort before you see the kinds of returns that keep you in the black.

Talking metrics and other analytics are usually the last things on the mind of someone not strong enough to handle a business platform of their own. Having said that, if these topics cross the mind of the unsteady and are not fleeting daydreams then this could be a positive segway in determining true potential or not.

Either way, entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. However, if one wishes to proceed, they have to own the challenges, the highs and the lows. Not give up as soon as there is a roadblock or disconcerting comment. We must own what we set out to do and find advice and assistance, building structure accordingly. That is empowering in itself. We live, we grow and along the way we learn. Then we plan and act. But, we must own it and only you can do that for yourself. Now-let the education begin!


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