Mantras for a Mindset Makeover

The following are mantras for a mindset makeover. Some are longer than others; these are messages. That is for the sake of explanation if needed. We can choose our mindsets. It’s about choosing the best one for a mindset makeover. Mantras are things we tell ourselves which relay various degrees of wisdom. Our reflection or meditation on them helps us to adopt such mantras and to change our mindset.

Here are my own. Feel free to adopt mine or create yours. You’ll have a healthier outlook on life if you put this into practice. A mix of mantras and messages I give you because the way you phrase it does not require perfection, merely reflection.

Mantras and Messages–

Instead of focusing on being great at everything be realistic, be open and don’t expect from life. Enjoy.

Don’t try to force yourself to fit into what doesn’t work. Find what does work

Don’t just try to fit into the world. Think for yourself.

See the good in others. There’s a difference between see and seek. To see is to observe what is there. To seek is to try to create what isn’t there. One works while the other will fail miserably.

Don’t discuss people in a negative fashion. It lowers you to do so.

If someone hurts you, you don’t have to receive it or be reduced by it. If you are comfortable and happy with what you are doing, when someone tries to throw a stone, it will feel like a tiny pebble. Simply uncomfortable but not enough to stand in your way

Having the right priorities increases enjoyment of life.

In order to be worthy of hate, someone has to take away your worth. No one can do that; no one is worth the effort of hate.

Instead of trying to change a person, find out what is making them unhappy. Emphasize, don’t criticize.

Removal comes before restoration. One must first leave a situation that is broken in order to heal from the wounds of wreckage.

Be happy.

Be of service to others.

Accept but don’t ignore.

Forgive in order to live.

Don’t rush your growth.

Be a little unconventional.

Don’t do things for other people. Do them for you.

People will judge you. Do it anyway.~

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