Marketing Is A Gradual Process

Success is realized when plans are deployed consistently, over a period of time. Don’t be overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once.

While you may feel like today’s business world is a whirlwind of new marketing ideas and social trends, it’s important to remember that what remains unchanged are strategies that propel potential customers to your offering/s. I will say however, that with the social media revolution came the need for businesses to refine their brand and re-establish their position in the market place. The always-on, anywhere, anytime connectivity mindset is today’s reality, so be mindful of this when considering marketing strategies for your business.

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Here are three tips for establishing a marketing plan today;
Ensure your marketing strategies are in-line with your overall business goals. Every quarter take some time to evaluate whether your realizing results from your actions. Be holistic in your approach, evaluate what is working and what isn’t working. Consider employing more of what’s working and consider tweaks to what’s not working and give it another go.

Create a action plan that outlines your activities tied to your marketing strategies. Know your target customer, refine your value proposition and define metrics. It’s important you know your customer, and articulate your value in terms of how it will service them and / or improve business with their customers. Consider seasonal influences to keep your campaigns fresh and inspiring, assign a budget to your campaigns and create a social media editorial calendar for social activities.
Define metrics for each marketing campaign. This is tracking and measuring at the action plan level. Establish benchmarks, and plan to circle back to your action plan to record the results. This will be critical to measuring your marketing success. You should have multiple campaigns, so thinking you’re going to remember the individual campaign results six months from now is unlikely.

Savvy businesses today businesses need to employ an artful mix of old and new marketing tactics to be a top performer and cut through noise of social media. Be on top of your game, and ahead of your competition, by creating a marketing plan and consistently implementing it over time. And, if it all seems just a bit too much give us a call 905.582.5870. We will help you develop, or refine marketing strategies and plans that yields maximum results. Our focus is to identify the marketing mix that is right for you, a little or a lot, we are here to help, so connect with us today!


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