Marketing Lessons from Mom: Having a Beautiful Website Takes Work

mom-taught-495x247On Saturday evening I was talking to friend of mine about clothes and fashion. I found myself sharing the advice my mom used to tell me; “

Have you ever found yourself envious of another business’s website? Now I am not talking about a big company’s website – those sites are like celebrities who always seem to look amazing. They have a team of people behind their websites making sure everything looks perfect and runs efficiently. I am talking about a smaller businesses website – one owned and operated by one of your competitors or colleagues. Do you wonder how they look good all the time?

Planning, Discipline & Attention to Detail



Proper Planning

A beautiful website takes planning. A well-dressed individual doesn’t just wake up, reach into their closet with their eyes closed and pull out a spectacular outfit at random. They put thought into the process, including what they’re going to do that day, who they will be seeing, and what kind of impression they want to make. You need to go through the same process when you want to have a well-put together website.

This means looking ahead at upcoming events in your business. Plan out what you want to say and what imagery will be spotlighted. Weekly website meetings can be a great way to stay focused. Talk about what image changes you’ll make and what the goals are with the updates. Look ahead to the week in front of you and the remainder of the month.

This planning will help you keep your website fresh and you can even save money! That’s right – proper planning allows you to invest and truly leverage sites like Shutterstock for image purchases. Knowing what you’re going to want to present in the days to come enables you to pay a flat rate for more image downloads instead of sourcing images individually.



Fashionistas are surprisingly disciplined people. They expend a tremendous amount of energy into identifying the look they want to achieve, acquiring clothing, accessories, and hairstyles that reflect that look, and remaining informed of the changing trends. They don’t allow themselves to ‘slip’ – you’ll never see a celebrity show up for a red carpet event wearing sweatpants, a tattered sweatshirt, and a baseball cap! For instance, one of the reasons I look up to Blake Lively is she always looks great – no excuses.

You need this kind of discipline if you want to have an awesome looking website. Your appearance online is important every day. Don’t make excuses or put off taking care of how your website looks. Your customers won’t wait for you to care enough to get your act together. They’re going to go somewhere else. That’s a pretty strong motivator –just make sure that once you get motivated, you stay that way!


Attention to Detail

I have to go back to fashion here. Accessories make an outfit and detail makes a design. What at first glance can appear to be small and inconsequential can actually have a tremendous impact on whether or not a look is successful.

This is true for your website as well. Pay attention to the little things. Being precise and specific about layout, imagery and messaging can take your website from average to gorgeous.

Good to Great: Transforming Your Website’s Look

Proper planning, discipline and attention to detail are vital to creating a fashionable look. They’re also the keys to having a fantastic, attractive website. That’s what your competitors and colleagues are doing – and I have great news for you: you can do it too! If you need help taking your look from good to great, give us a call. Our world-class web design and development team can help you create the look and functionality you’re dreaming of – and that your customers will love.

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