Marketing Misconceptions

Marketing comes in many shapes and sizes; websites, advertisements, commercials, networking, presentations, branding, etc. and it can become confusing which tactics would work best for your business without a strategy.  Understanding common marketing misconception will help you learn how to market more effectively for your business success.

Misconception 1:  Your logo is your brand

Not exactly, your logo is a small visual representation of the foundation your brand created.  Your brand consists of your company’s essence and personality, core values and value statements, target market and insight, advertising tagline and unique selling proposition.  Without all these identified pillars, your brand isn’t complete, often unauthentic and can’t stand the test of time.

Misconception 2:  Your marketing budget should be a set formula spent on print advertising, website and collateral pieces.


If your target market finds their trusted information on a LinkedIn Group and nowhere else, why would you invest in print advertising?  If your business is focused on online sales with a shopping cart, wouldn’t you spend more money on your website and Google Pay Per Click campaigns rather than collateral pieces?  Spend your marketing dollars where your clients find valuable information and you can clearly express your core differentiation.

Misconception 3:  All marketers are the same and one person can create strategy along with all the tactical projects included in the plan

Would you have your family physician perform your facial plastic surgery?  Of course not!  The same philosophy applies to marketing, which encompasses so many different aspects of communicating with prospects and clients that it is inconceivable that one person could actually perform all the marketing functions a successful marketing plan requires.  A marketing strategist isn’t a graphic artist, a web designer isn’t a PR maven, and a package designer isn’t a SEO guru.  Hire experts within each area.

Have you run across marketing misconceptions?  Share them!  We want to hear from you.

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