Marketing Planning :: 5 Things To Consider

Have you started your marketing planning for 2013 yet? We know we know it is November, but before you know it 2013 will be on our doorstep. From a business planning perspective it is time to start developing your marketing plan for the upcoming year. This is a great time to assess what’s been working and not working. What are you going to do differently in 2013 to stimulate new business? Here are some things to consider…

1)    Competitive Analysis – Evaluate what your competitors are doing.

  • Who are your competitors?  Are there any newcomers to the space?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors?
  • What are the weaknesses of your competitors that you can exploit during your own planning process?
  • What did your competitors do to drive business last year that you did not?

2)    Target Audience Analysis – Identify who you are attempting to reach with your marketing plan.

  • Reaffirm your target audience – are you reaching all of your possible customers or are there opportunities you are missing to widen your reach?
  • What are your customers motivated by, has it changed in the past year?

3)    Marketing Objectives define what you want to accomplish through your marketing activities.

  • Ensure your marketing objectives are in-line with your overall business goals.
  • Break down your objectives in terms of revenue, market share and product and service goals.

4)    Marketing Action Plan is your 12 month outline that will guide your activities over the next year

  • Outline strategies for how to achieve goals – be mindful of target audience, your value proposition and define metrics.
  • Online and offline marketing activities need to be identified for the year.
  • Plan your editorial calendar – what will you talk about and when.
  • Plan the budget assigned to each part of your plan.

5)    Track & Measure – Evaluate what you are doing and identify what is working and what isn’t working.

  • Define separate metrics for each marketing campaign.
  • Assign benchmarks to your strategies in order to quantify and measure your reach.
  • Plan to track the implementation and response to your overall marketing efforts; this will be critical to measuring your marketing planning success.
  • Are you engaging on social media? If yes, ensure you have planned for measurement of your channel strategies.

A year of marketing without a plan is like hitting the grocery store with no list, you’ll have lots of great ingredients but nothing to make a full meal and your business will be left hungry for customers. Get ahead of the competition and start your Marketing Planning today.  And, if it all seems just a bit too much give us a call 647.847.4335.  Juice Marketing Group can help you develop, or refine a marketing strategy and plan that yields maximum results from your efforts. Our focus is to identify the marketing mix that is ‘right’ for you, a little or a lot, we are here to help so connect with us today!


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