Marketing The Easy Way: How To De-Stress For Success

“Marketing The Easy Way: How To De-Stress For Success”

2014 is off and running…and so are we all! I don’t know about you, but I find it is very easy to get caught up in all of the day-to-day operations of business. We work so hard to make sure that our products or services are top-notch and that our customers are happy that sometimes other aspects of our business that require just as much attention can get pushed to the back burner.

Hello marketing!

Marketing, to many business owners, seems to be a gargantuan task, like fighting a monster. That said, it is a vital cog in the machinery of a business and, therefore, cannot be neglected. Last week, we talked about formulating and updating your marketing plan for the year. Part of that plan involved determining what you can invest, financially and time-wise, into your marketing. Let’s face it, economic times have been hard, and you might not have a tremendous marketing budget right now. That does not mean that effective marketing is impossible or even terribly difficult. There are opportunities for clever and fruit-bearing marketing that are both cost effective and that go hand-in-hand with the work you are already doing!

1)  Press With The Big Guys – Think that press releases are just for the major corporations? Think again! Maybe you shrug the idea off because you feel that you have nothing “press worthy.” Don’t be so sure. Is there a new project in the works? Do you have a new addition to your team? These things that are happening right in front of you can make interesting press releases. Draft a few paragraphs about this piece of news and create a press release for your company that will attract attention. If you’re unsure about how to write a press release, there are numerous free websites available that provide suggestions or templates to get you started. You can post them to your business’ website, include them in your email or newsletter, send them to your local newspaper, or submit them to a press-release aggregator website.

2)  Show That You Have “The Write Stuff” – You spend a lot of time and energy in your line of business, therefore you can speak about it with authority. Don’t assume that those ins and outs of your business that you know like the back of your hand are common knowledge. More than likely, they’re not. You use your knowledge to create your product or perform your service, so why not let it also act as an effective part of your marketing strategy? One highly effective method is by blogging. By knowing your customers and understanding what would be beneficial for them to know, you can create blogs that are not only valuable and interesting, but also establish you as an expert in your field. A home inspection company, for example, would be well served by a blog that focused on different potential home hazards or on how to prepare a home for natural disaster. A salon would pique the interest of potential clients with a blog on new trends in hairstyles or nail design. These types of blogs allow the business owner to share their expertise and inspire confidence in those who may become clients. You can share your blog in many ways; almost all of them are free of charge and widely viewed.  Start with your business’ website. Link to it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or one of a host of others. You can also share your articles on free sharing sites such as, which has millions of visitors every month. All of these enable traffic to flow your way and are as easy as simply sharing what you know. Always remember: proofread before you post. Nothing diminishes credibility in the eyes of some individuals quite like misspellings or poor grammar. If writing isn’t your strong suit, have someone else edit and proof your blog so that your style is as strong as your substance.

3)  Lights! Camera! Expert! – This tip goes along the same lines as blogging. What better way is there to show your expertise…than to show your expertise? A short video demonstrating how you perform your service, featuring new additions to your inventory, or providing “how to” tips for viewers goes a long way in securing your brand as the “go-to” business in the field. Video engages people in ways that other methods cannot. Also, video marketing need not be costly. Inexpensive video cameras and video software provide a low-to-no-cost option for the small business owner. In fact, many even opt to use their smartphones to film videos! Share these on your website, in your email, and on your social media sites for effective marketing that merely shows who you are and what you do.

These are merely a few ways to get your brand out there in the public eye and to promote your business in a way that engages people while establishing your credibility in your field. They require no major capital investment and make use of the happenings, information, and insights that are right there at your fingertips (or in your brain)!  They take the monster out of marketing, enabling you to de-stress for success.

Bola Olonisakin is the Creative Head & Chief Online Strategist at GTechDesigns. Bola specializes in coaching entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporations in achieving the MAXIMUM PROFIT from their website by increasing visibility and using laser-focused marketing strategy. Download the Ultimate Guide To A Money Making Website to help you discover the 8 Tech-Riffic ways to PROFIT online at This post was originally posted at


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