Marketing With Comic Strips


Marketing With Comic Strips

Cartoons are extremely versatile and can be used to convey information, make a social commentary

or make people laugh.

There are not many mediums that are capable of achieving all these different things and this is

why you should definitely consider cartoons as part of your web-content marketing strategy. Using

cartoons often has the ability to get a message across more succinctly than words can at times, and

complex or serious issues can often be dealt with successfully by using a drawing that is informative

and sometime informative.

Not every product or service being marketed on the internet can be sexy and interesting, which is

why a cartoon format is often considered right for your web content strategy, when you are talking

about boring, complex or just plain unsexy ideas and products.


This infographic provides a wide range of examples that illustrate how cartoons can be used in your


marketing strategy and the impact that they can have on anyone that reads them.


Humor is most closely associated with the cartoon genre and can bring a smile to someone’s face


with a funny illustration, although you should always be aware from a marketing perspective, that


whilst humor increases shareability on social media, it is not always the right approach for every




Different styles of cartoons are used to convey very different messages you will see from the

information, that hand drawn cartoons signify approachability but too cartoony, and you might be

accused of dumbing down by your audience.

The key aim is to strike a chord with your audience and get your message across in a memorable

way, something which cartoons can often do very effectively. There have been some pivotal

marketing moments using cartoons, such as Google using cartoons to explain their Chrome browser

and when Oatmeal produced a grammar lesson in cartoon form, they generated an amazing

1.5million StumpleUpon views and well over 350,000 Facebook comments.


Make sure you make full use of cartoons as a way of striking a chord with your audience.


Infographic Source: WhoIsHostingThis

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