Maureen Langloss

Maureen Langloss is a writer, mother and book-lover living in New York City. Her passion
for writing was sparked as a literature major at Harvard, and ignited while volunteering at a
women’s center in Chile, where she listened to stories of women who had overcome countless
wrongs. During her dalliance with the law, she did Latin America work at Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen
& Hamilton and at Human Rights Watch. Since leaving the law, she has written two as-yet-
unpublished novels, churned out short stories and produced three human beings. In her free time
she does what little she can to encourage people to read great books. She teaches library at her
daughter’s school, helps organize book fairs, library fairs and book clubs, and generally bombards
everyone she knows with reading recommendations. She is delighted for the opportunity to talk
books with female entrepreneurs at Project Eve.


  1. […] Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Maureen Langloss. Maureen is a lawyer-turned-writer, book-lover, and mother-of-three living in New York City. You can find her articles on books and the reading experience at Projecteve. […]