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When I hit the road for work or pleasure, there are two things I double and triple check to make sure I’m not leaving behind: my phone and my wallet. In addition to functioning as a phone, an office, a camera, and a means of entertainment; my mobile phone now facilitates the bulk of my travel related activities. On a recent trip abroad it stored my itinerary, helped translate signs, navigated foreign cities, and helped arrange 2016-07-11 14.17.57meals and transportation.

Since I’ve become so dependent on my phone whether I’m home or on the road, I’m always looking for ways to make sure it works when I really need it. It is rare that you’ll find me traveling without a backup battery and charging cord on hand. For the same reason, I’m always nervous about running out of storage. If I need to download my boarding passes, update an app, or capture a fantastic image I can’t get that error about insufficient storage. Fortunately, I was recently introduced to the Sandisk iXpand™ Flash Drive from Sandisk, my new travel essential.

2016-07-11 14.26.51Although I always get as much storage as I possibly can when I buy a cell phone, I’m pretty bad about deleting images and videos which are the chief culprit of my storage woes. However, I certainly don’t want to feel like I need to lug my computer around just so I can sync and backup on every trip. –Just thinking about that gives me a backache. The thought of losing all the images since my last sync because of some mishap like accidental drop or trip to the bottom of a lake makes me very nervous too. (Although not so nervous that I won’t take my phone with me in a kayak to take some great shots.) While cloud storage might work for some folks, it’s only one part of my backup plan for a couple of reasons: 1) I’m pretty leery after all the cloud storage security 2016-07-12 12.32.12breaches that periodically make headlines and 2) I don’t like having to rely on a decent wifi connection when I’m on the road or (god forbid) waste some of my precious international data allowance uploading a couple of photos when I’m abroad.

Enter the iXpand Flash Drive from SanDisk. The iXpand Flash Drive is a fantastic solution for transfers, backups, and content sharing when you are at home and on the road. IXPAND super light and unobtrusive. It is about the size of a large paperclip. The Lightning cable is already attached and is so small there is nothing to get tangled.

I didn’t have to worry about prying away the cases on either device to make the connection. Downloading the app from SanDisk took less than a minute and then I started backing up the 5000+ images 2016-07-12 12.34.35and videos from my phone and several thousand more from the iPad I share with my son. Since I had to make a call and run some errands while all those images were loading up, I slipped my phone with the iXpand attached into my pocketbook and let it all happen in the background. Backup to the iXpand happened seamlessly as I made calls and ran errands. I even managed to forget it was connected to my phone. When the backup was complete, the app asked me if I wanted to delete all the images I had just backed up. No thanks. I’ll just take the piece of mind knowing I’ve got a backup on hand and the option to delete whole swaths of photos and videos if I need to.2016-07-12 12.34.00 Moving the images from the iXpand onto my computer was a snap too. It was so much less cumbersome than syncing up my whole device with iTunes which invariably is a whole project and involves deleting apps I didn’t want on my phone in the first place. With the iXpand, I connected it to my computer’s USB port, and I instantly had an additional drive available with all my photos at my fingertips.

Highlights from my iXpand Flash Drive test:

  • iXpand is super light and unobtrusive. It is about the size of a large paperclip. The lightening cable is already attached and is so small there is nothing to get tangled.
  • 2016-07-12 12.40.06Setup was easy and fast.
  • iXpand made backups easy too. Just attach your device, agree to start the backup and it begins.
  • You can still use your device while the backup is going on.
  • It worked well to free up storage, backup, and as an easy means to transfer images.

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