Meditation for the Empowered Woman

I am beautiful, from the inside out, a kind of beauty that never washes off.  I am a jewel and a delight, dazzling and bright like a star.  I didn’t always know this, but I know it now and feel the buzz of that truth ringing in every single cell of my being.

My body is my temple, a beautiful place to cherish and adorn with loving intentions. I speak respectfully to her without judgment.  I love this vessel for who she is, not who she was or who she may become.

I take enjoyment in pampering myself, in caring for my entire being.  I engage in conversations with nature, walk barefoot on the earth, bask in the sun, soak in warm water, fill my body with healthy food and make sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation.

I create spaciousness in my life by weeding out that which is no longer essential.  I tend my inner garden with care, nurturing and cultivating the seeds I’ve planted.

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