Meet Those New Year Resolutions with a Smoothie Diet

From the time I was an early teenager, I’ve struggled with my weight. At 12, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and that changed my life completely. Not only was I tired all the time, but I was suddenly gaining more weight than I ever have before. Now, as an adult, it’s time for me to finally take back control of my weight and health. 2016 is a new year with a lot of new changes for my husband and I. I want to be the best I can be for all Smoothie King Interior - Smoothie Dietthe exciting things we have planned for us this year. That means making some resolutions to ensure I always meet my goals and stay focused on what that means for me. That’s why I’ve decided to finally join the smoothie diet that is taking over the health food world. My goal is to finally get to a manageable and healthy weight. Loosing weight is not only good for my health, but it will make it easier for me to enjoy traveling, hiking, and the watersports I have planned this summer.

Smoothies are some of the most nutrient-rich meals sweeping the scene right now. Not only do they pair some of the best fruits and veggies into one easy to drink glass, but adding in simple ingredients like caffeine powder, Greek yogurt, and protein powder can help you have more energy and feel full longer. Unlike preparing a meal using fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and fiber, you can easily and quickly make a meal replacement drink that gives you all the same great vitamins without all the hassle. As someone who works long hours everyday, finding the time to prepare a meal that gives me all the same great ingredients, as a smoothie isn’t easy. That’s why I’m so glad I’ve discovered Smoothie King and their smoothie diet meal replacements.

Smoothie King Makes Following a Smoothie Diet Easy

Not only does Smoothie King have a variety of everyday smoothies available to purchase, but their meal replacement smoothie selection is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you’re contemplating a smoothie diet or a diet that includes one meal replacement a day, start your journey at Smoothie King. With a variety of options available, you’re sure to find image4something that pleases your palate. Whether you’re trying to slim down, build your wellness, or gain muscle, they have smoothies tailored to each diet. The protein smoothies are perfect for keeping your muscles fueled during a workout. The Greek yogurt based smoothies have few calories and can help those on a lower calorie diet. Plus, all Smoothie King smoothie diet meals have less than 400 calories for a 20 oz. serving and 10 grams or more of protein! The 35 grams of quality carbs will keep you full longer and with more energy!

If you’re ready to change your life, take the Smoothie King #ChangeAMeal Challenge. Visit your local Smoothie King and order any of their meal smoothie king1replacement smoothies. Enjoy a delicious smoothie while sharing your selfie on social media. Use the hashtag #changeameal to let them know you’re loving your smoothie diet. Join Smoothie King online for a $2.99 coupon and reward points each time you share your selfie and hashtag enjoying one of their many amazing smoothies. Let me and Smoothie King know what your health, wellness, and fitness goals are for 2016, and let Smoothie King make it easy to reach those goals! Remember, weight loss is dependent on each individual’s needs and is based on a low-calorie diet combined with an exercise program. Consult your physician before beginning any diet program.


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