Mentor 101


Mentor 101

Oftentimes, we believe that all it takes to be mentored is to show up and chat. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! But it’s not that simple. We, as mentees, must also be prepared for our first meet up with our mentor and every follow-up meeting that we have thereafter. We should not expect for our mentor to show up and pave the way for us. We must keep in mind that this journey is ultimately ours and we MUST hold up our end of the bargain in order to reap benefits. It is incredibly important to be prepared prior to meeting with your mentor each and every time. By asking yourself the following questions, you are ensuring that you have the appropriate equipment to perform well during your meet up.

(1)   Are you willing to put the necessary time into getting to know your mentor?

(2)   Are you willing to listen and respect advice based on experience and then filter it for your particular situation?

(3)   Can you honestly respond to questions that dig deep into why you make the choices you make?

(4)   Can you open yourself up to trusting a mentoring relationship?

(5)   Are your expectations for your mentor flexible?

(6)   Are you willing to look at situations from all angles?

(7)   Do you see your role as an opportunity for personal growth?

If you were not able to answer ALL of those questions, then you are not ready to seek a mentor. The very first step in fostering a mentorship is the ability to be mentored. Actively work on these questions and determine why you may not have had an answer initially. Before utilizing the site, be sure that you have a prepared answer for each of those questions.

Good luck in your mentorships!

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