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A messaging app is a pretty straightforward concept: they replace text messaging, which works okay, but frankly isn’t all that great. Messaging apps aren’t just for teens, ne’er-do-wells, and sexting. They’re especially useful for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for texting (or is communicating across country borders).

Chances are, if you have a smartphone, you’ve already encountered a messaging app. If you’re on Android, Google Hangouts is the default for messaging with other Android (and Google) users. If you’re on the iPhone, the Messages app has texting and iMessage (non-SMS messages between iOS devices) built-in. If you want a simple way to communicate with people between different devices, third-party messaging client make things easy. That’s where apps like MessageHub, WhatsApp or Snapchat comes in.

The appeal of these apps depends on the user. For some, it’s a way to get around SMS fees. This is especially the case if you’re communicating (or just travelling) internationally. For others, it’s a way to keep conversations private. Other apps let you set your status to tell friends you’re busy. All these make SMS more interesting by adding features, but which features you want depends on your needs.

Meassagehub is a revolutionary new app that runs on mobile phones, which allows instant messaging at your fingertips. It supports MessageHub, MSN (with avatar) and Yahoo chat. You are instantly connected to your existing friends. It is user friendly and feature rich supporting timestamp, avatar support, multiple chat platform login and is periodically updated. MessageHub pulls together all your social, email, texts and chat messages into one place. No more jumping from app to app to manage your messages! MessageHub is also the first app to prioritize your messages, saving you time from having to sort through the clutter of junk email, ads, and unimportant posts to find your messages that matter most. With MessageHub it’s easy to have conversations and share with friends and family on multiple platforms. You can easily have a conversation or send a message to someone on Facebook, another on chat and another on email – all at the same time and all in one place. And, there is no need to go through the pain of building a new network of connections on MessageHub. MessageHub uses the contacts you already have on your phone, social, chat and email. All your contacts are organized, merged, prioritized and ready to go.

Key Features and Benefits

  • All your messages in one place: No more jumping from app to app
  • Prioritized messages: Save time cutting through the clutter to find the messages you care about most.
  • One click sharing: Now it’s easy to send messages and share content across multiple platforms
  • Grouped conversations: See threaded conversations with your friends grouped in one place, no matter what platform they’re on

Email and social media are supposed to bring us closer, but in recent years digital communications have become more disparate and chaotic. A recent survey by Harris Interactive revealed:

  • 71 percent of people stated they deal with too many emails, messages and posts that are of little interest to them
  • 73 percent say filtering unimportant messages, so they save time while reading emails, messages and posts, is important to them
  • 55 percent would like a digital solution that not only organizes all their social media and email accounts, but also helps them focus on what is most important in each of them

We have more ways than ever before to message someone, and mobile messaging will only continue to increase. However, that proliferation has created a clutter of unimportant messages and multiple messaging silos that do not work together, said Jeff Tinsley, founder and chief executive officer of MessageHub is the only mobile app to integrate and prioritize messages from the networks people already use and love, except with a faster, smarter approach.

Save time and get closer to the people who matter with MessageHub from MyLife. A revolutionary new app that will change the way you message! Visit the app store to download it today. Available on iOS and Android.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of MessageHub. The opinions and text are all mine.


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