A Microchip:The Future Of Skincare

According to GENEU, a DNA beauty clinic in London, it absolutely is.

I have been following GENEU for over a year now, reading all the material I can find, and I am completely intrigued. GENEU brings “science to skin care,” a catchphrase I imagine we’ve all heard before. But truly folks, this clinic makes all those claims seem laughable. This is the big leagues of anti-aging and GENEU is bringing you skincare in a revolutionary way. The results are above and beyond any claims made before by skincare companies.


This is how GENEU works:

According to GENEU’s website, there is no pain and no blood drawn. It all begins with a swab of the mouth. The cells are then insolated and put onto a microchip that makes its journey into a processor. In thirty minutes your DNA is analyzed and the clinic is able to look at the genes that regulate how quickly your skin breaks down collagen and what type of antioxidant protection they carry. Based on the results, GENEU creates TWO tailor made anti-aging serums personalized for your skin ONLY. As many dermatologists will tell you, too much collagen will damage the skin and too little won’t have any impact at all. This test shows exactly how much your particular skin can metabolize. The serums also contain vitamins A and C, white mulberry root extract, red baron grass, tripeptides, and amino acids. I have read you can get a 4 week supply for about 600 pounds (over $850 US). The company’s clinical trials have shown that you can reduce fine lines and wrinkles up to 30%! This is huge people! A game changer!

Toumazou, an engineer, professor, and scientist is responsible for GENEU. He is also an award-winning inventor whose innovations include an ear implant for the deaf as well as an artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetics that I have seen work first-hand. He hopes that the microchip technology from GENEU will also be used to test how people process medications so doses can be personalized. Fascinating and about as forward thinking as you can get!

The Sunday Telegraph reports that scientists hail GENEU creates the most advanced anti-ageing serum in the world. US doctors claim to be watching this cutting-edge tech beauty lab and hopefully, GENEU will be coming to the United States! I encourage you to check out the website for yourself at www.geneu.com. It’s also on all social media outlets. After checking out GENEU, be prepared to spend the rest of your day/night searching for cheap flights to London. That’s what I have been doing. I could be a travel agent after all this watching of flights and hotels! I hope I get there and try it out!!

Until next time,

Cabell Eames


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