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Whilst I realise Project Eve is aimed directly at the female population, and I guess the majority of your members are females, I have been reading some of the blogs with much interest, and note that many can be associated with the male population also.   So as a male I wanted to make my first blog contribution more of a personal backdrop of an experience I had much earlier in life, and how it relates to what I am doing now, as in many ways the two are very related.


When I was just 19 years old (nearly 40 years ago!!) I had a serious diving accident which resulted in me becoming paralysed.  I was in hospital and in all those weird contraction devices, with all the tubes and wires hanging out of everywhere, when I was given the news I would never walk again due to the fracture in my neck.   It is indescribable the emotions that were instantly racing around in my head, the thought of being wheelchair-bound for the rest of my life, the thought of having to be looked after by either hospital staff or worse still, by my family.  I thought to myself “what have I just put my family through, how will this impact on their lives in the future”?   My selfish drunken acts led to this and it was not me who will have to pick up the pieces, it is them, and how totally unfair it was for me to have involved them in this way.


Day after day went by, friends and family came in to visit regularly, and after about a week I could see the toll this was already taking on their busy lives.  Somewhere around this point I got my selfish head out of the clouds and thought to myself, “I got myself into this mess, so it is up to me to get me out of it again”.   Obviously I couldn’t do anything physically to help myself, but I trained my brain to accept that one day, with a lot of will-power, I would walk again, and free my family from this burden.  Now I am not religious, but I do believe everything happens for a reason, so when on the 10th day (yes I remember all this very exactly and vividly) I though I felt my toes moving, I knew someone was looking over me.   The response from the hospital staff was nothing short of incredible, within minutes of me alerting a nurse to the fact that I thought I could feel something, I had physiotherapists all over me, working on my arms and legs to see what reactions I would have.   Now I don’t want to fill the entire blog up with what happened next, except to say that over a period of 7 months of learning how to walk again, I got all my mobility back, returned to work, even played basketball regularly for a few years.   To date I still play golf on a regular basis, and have been as low as a 6 handicap, so obviously all my parts are working perfectly again.


So what has this got to do with my life now, how is that related to what I do now?  Well, I have a very good full time job, but in my spare time I also dabble on the internet, I complete Paid Surveys on a daily basis, and also have my own web site, www.livingroomoffice.com, which promotes this type of home income.  You are probably asking your self right now, “how on earth are these 2 situations related”?, and rightly so.  Well it is quite simple, they both take lots of guts and determination, especially the latter.   In the 7 months I was learning how to walk again, I had to do this in small steps, if you will excuse the pun.   I set myself targets on a daily basis, like walking to the letter box and back each day, then down to the end of the street and back the next week, into town and back to have a couple of beers the following week, and so on and so on, until I was at the point I could safely get everywhere and back under my own steam.  Now don’t get me wrong, I had quite a few stumbles along the way, several times I took on more than I could handle, that is the impatient side of me, but I always got back up and tried again the next day.   I am sure by now you can see where this is leading, trying to start out making money on the internet is very, very similar.  Over the last 5-6 years I have had several attempts at finding a way to make some money on-line, and every time up until now, I have hit one stumbling block after another (mainly scams!), and simply given up.   But the doggedness in me has said, “no, I can do this”, so I stuck it out, started with those small steps, set myself small goals, and slowly worked my way up to the point that I am now making some money, and am now in the position to even offer my own services over the net.


So I hope you can see my message here, life is all about ‘mind over matter’.   If you firmly believe in yourself and your capabilities, nothing is impossible.  I was extremely lucky to have come out of paralysis, but it was only through my sheer determination that I would not be a burden on others.  The fact that I am now having success on-line is also through that determination.  Absolutely no luck involved there, just the belief that I can succeed and overcome whatever is put in front of me, because I have been down before, and surpassed it.


Brian @ the ‘Living Room Office’





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