How to Throw an Awesome Minions Party



My eleven year-old son has been a Minions fan since the debut of Despicable Me, so when Village Picture Shows, our local movie theatre in Manchester, Vermont asked if our inn would host a Minions Hoopla Lawn Party, how could I say no? He had just come home from sleep away camp, and what a treat it was for him and his cousins to get VIP treatment (and unlimited popcorn) at the movie theatre in the name of market research.


Around two dozen children ranging from 2 months to twelve joined us for a fantastic Minions party at The Wilburton Inn. The Wilburton Inn is a grand historic mansion on a stately 30 acre estate. I could imagine original owners rolling in their graves to see their croquet lawns and putting greens taken over by Minion loving frolicers, but my family has run the inn for almost 30 years and we love any excuse to host family celebrations.  This party was so much fun, that even our lodging guests without children participated in the hoopla and fun. And our very British guests from across the pond who were on a tour of ‘Must See Tour of New England’ were delighted to stumble upon our hoopla as their grandson had packed a Minions T shirt in his travels.


Eons Creative gets lots of credit for planning the Minions shabang. Follow their tips for throwing your Minions party.


Minions face painting (all the kids get eyeballs or glasses)


Lawn games like yellow frisbees and three legged races from Oriental Trading Company.


Minions trivia which you can find here


Minions pinyatas


A BBQ with as much yellow food as possible:


Yellow Minions lemonade


Yellow watermellon slices, yellow tomato slices on hamburgers and veggie burgers, yellow mustard on hot dogs


potato chips, Lemonade and of course Banana splits for dessert.


Steam a Minions playlist on Spotify.


And of course every lawn party needs BUBBLES! In my pre-Vermont innkeeping career, I was a New York City children’s entertainer, and my tried and true go-to bubble machine is here.


Click here to see all the fun Minions Party pictures.


I hope they inspire you to have a great summer Minons party with your kids too!


Send me a photo!




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