Mobile Office: Organizing Your Office On-The-Go

Whether you typically run your business virtually, were called out for a last-minute business trip, or just find yourself on the go frequently, a mobile office can be difficult to maintain. Our NYC Professional Organizer has some tips to increase productivity for those busy days out of the office.

    • Write a checklist of anything you will need when working away from the office and store it on your computer for easy access/updating.  It should include small office supplies, your laptop or tablet with power cord, phone charger, travel documents (Passport, airline tickets, reservation confirmations, etc). Also include current project or customer files with you for easy reference.
    • Stock your briefcase or large tote with office supplies – pens, paper clips, a highlighter, small stapler, post-it notes, a USB drive, breath mints. Think of what you reach for frequently during a regular day at the office, and keep a supply in your bag.
    • Choose the right technology for your business. Depending on what type of work you will be conducting, a tablet may even suffice to bridge the gap between your primary office and mobile one.
    • In addition to choosing the right computer solution, also consider your wireless connection. While many locations offer free wireless, they may not always be secure. When conducting confidential business online, always be sure to password protect your information, and consider obtaining your own wireless hotspot. Can you really afford to jeopardize your business and client’s information online?
    • Use online databases as much as possible. File sharing programs are great to organize and simplify projects and can be accessed by multiple users. These files are accessible from anywhere, allowing your office to be truly mobile. Share calendars with all office staff, to be able to see and schedule appointments cohesively. Include all important information in your calendar, such as phone numbers, address, directions, notes, and any background information.
    • If your travel includes frequent overnight stays, keep a bag stocked with toiletries, makeup and other essentials. Create a detailed packing list and store a copy on your computer as well as in the bag. Update the list to keep it as all inclusive as possible so that when last minute trips arise, you can be packed and out the door in record time.


Being prepared to handle whatever comes your way during a busy work day away from the office is essential.  With some advance planning and organizing, you can be as productive on the go as when you are sitting in your office.

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