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Reality television can be entertaining and motivational. On television, I see these women who are running businesses, raising their children and doing it so fabulously!

In understanding the magic of television and the mountains of money that these women are perceived to have, I still watch these shows wondering: “why the hell can’t I be like that?” On any given morning, I wake up to children in wrinkled clothes, with their hair standing on the top of their head and morning breath screaming “Mom, I forgot to do my project!” Definitely not T.V. worthy!!

So how do we as female entrepreneurs balance the home/work life without going positively crazy? Two words…TIME MANAGEMENT! Unlike Kimora Lee Simmons, I do not have a personal assistant, chef and nanny. It is just me. Some nights, I am spread so thin and I find it hard to focus on one task because there are so many other tasks that have to be completed. I lose sleep trying to do it all and where I can see the need for a break, I feel as though I can sleep when I am dead. With all of those things in mind, I found some ways to lift the weight of being a momtrepreneur. Here are some tips that may help to assist in the transition from Mom to Mogul; I hope that they prove helpful:
1. Include the kids – When you have a big project, include the kids. This weekend, I had a big mailing project, I assigned each child a

Mom in Mogul mode
Mom in Mogul mode

task and the project was finished in no time! Tell your children that you own a family business and in order to be successful everyone has to work together. They will be excited to be a part of the overall scheme of things and the work gets done quickly.

2. Love your crock pot– Every night, find a crockpot recipe and make sure that you have the ingredients. In the morning throw the ingredients in the crock pot and set the timer. When the kids get home from school, they can eat and you can continue working.
3. Set time aside – By the time the kids get home from school, be sure to have completed your daily tasks (or at the very least, be at the point where you can take a break), ask to see their homework journals and allot time to explain the tasks that they have been assigned. Let them work independently while you work close by.

4. Be prepared for hiccups– Running a business and running a household is difficult. Sometimes we may feel that we have to sacrifice one for the other. Instead, try to anticipate problems that may arise. Make sure that the children always have a key to the house in case you have to run out on a quick errand. Have a chore list on the refrigerator so that the children can complete chores without prompting.

5. Have a backup– Enlist a friend or family member that you can barter childcare with. Plan one day of week that you can babysit and one that they can babysit. This will give you a day that you can work without interruption and give yourself a couple of hours per day to work on certain tasks. You may not finish the task but that is ok, you will have started the task and action is always better than inaction.
These suggestions may help you to multi-task your way to mogul status. You are on your way to the top…take your family with you!!

Devon Keith is the author of upcoming book “The Single Mother’s Guide to being a Diva” and the blogger at She is also the owner of Blingerie Custom Crystal Embellishments.



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