Mommy Wars Are FAKE!

Who has time to sit around and come up with these fancy terms for things that don’t even exist? Are there Daddy Wars and Grandparent Wars? Why do we allow ourselves to get caught up in such nonsense, especially when there are greater issues to be talked about and fought over?

If you are one of the lucky ones, and I am not sure where you would fit in with the Mommy Wars, but you are able to work from home while caring for your child. For working from home tips.

Parenting is a very personal and passionate endeavor. Of course, we want to do the best for our children, our families, and ourselves. With all the daily childrearing decisions that we must make, why are others trying to make it harder than it has to be? Not only are they making it harder, but they are topping it off with a whopping dollop of guilt if we do not meet certain expectations?

Mommy Wars-Harder For First Time Mothers?

I would think the Mommy Wars are the hardest for first-time moms. Remember all the decisions that you have to make before the baby even arrives?

Shall I breastfeed or buy formula? What breast pump should I buy? What type of crib do I want? Shall I stock up on cloth diapers or disposable? What will I name my child? How do I want to decorate the nursery? Do I want to know if I am having a boy or a girl? UUgggghhhh!!!

Mindboggling enough to think about the stuff we need to! Who needs to worry about this so-called Mommy Wars that pits mothers against one another for the decisions they make regarding working outside the home or working inside the home (I’ll wage war on anyone that thinks stay-at-home moms don’t work).

Problems and guilt are not exclusive to working mothers or stay-at-home mothers. Every mother on the planet has their own set of decisions, worries, methods, and desirable outcomes. Should we not all value motherhood as a whole instead of trying to make a non-issue into a Mommy Wars?

Mommy Wars- To Work Or Not To Work Outside The Home?

It always confounds me when people start talking like these decisions are made lightly with little to no regard for the sacrifices, responsibilities, commitments, and necessities every family must consider before actually making the decision to work or remain at home with their child(ren).

There are mothers that must return to work to be able to buy food and clothing for their child. It is not that they would not stay home if they were financially able to do so. Do you not think that a mother in this situation already feels slightly guilty that she cannot be home with her child? Mommy Wars just adds a new layer of guilt. For more on mother’s guilt.

There are mothers that have work oriented personalities and are driven to excel in the workplace. It is not to say that these mothers do not love their children as wholeheartedly as other mothers, but they are the best mothers they can be because they are happy and doing what they love: working!

Mommy Wars – To Be Happy Or Not To Be Happy?

The bottom line is: How good of a mother can you truly be if you are unhappy? Some mothers do not have the choice to stay at home, so why make them feel guilty and unhappy about it?

As mothers, we should support one another instead of trying to find fault with each other. I am my own worst critic, and therefore do not need nor appreciate being involved in a fictitious Mommy Wars that will only serve to make me unhappy, lead me to question every parenting decision I make, and will either leave me feeling validated or guilty. I can do all that on my own-thank you very much!


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