Mompreneurs: 3 Tips to Attract More Clients – Quickly

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The “in-thing” now is to produce a profitable practice or business to enjoy the good life. Most people are looking to chase their purpose, which is a wise thing to do, however you must have a plan in place for the dream you’re chasing. I want to give you four great ways to think about your brand, your approach, purpose, and your fees to attract, sustain, and please your clients. The more satisfied your clients, the better your business will become.

1. Re-assess your brand. If you and your sister went to the nearest bookstore and got a book on “building a web site”, then it’s probably not the very best way to start a superstar brand (unless your sister has some pretty good web skills). Your branding should be polished, poised, fun, and speaks to your professionalism and personality all at the same time. Look at the type of industry you are in, speak with a branding consultant to assess how to place your best foot forward for a rebranding launch. A consultant should have their website redesigned or restructured every 2 years to keep their image fresh and attention-getting.

2. Get published. The best way to gain some reputability in this industry of information or product marketing is definitely having a great book to seal the deal. If you have always wanted to write a book, here’s your chance! Create a great outline, build content, get some reviewers, design a knockout cover, and find a publisher (or online printer). Most published authors are self-published, but you have got to do the leg work. You’ve got to market, sell, and push your brand.

3. Refine the content or products you deliver. If you offer beauty and make up classes, consider virtual classes, is a great platform for web classes and webinars. If you are a coach or consultant, look at the information you want to give your clients, simply advising them and pushing them into a vision may not work. People want substance and they want to walk away feeling they can conquer the world. If you do not have good solid content, you will not gain client satisfaction. Offer a plan of action, workbooks, strategy, or a solution to their issue. When you hear the “aha” from your client, then you are definitely in the right direction.

Quality Information and product delivery is a service that you must present to your clients and followers. The great thing about people these days is that people are yearning for knowledge and how to make their health, business, careers, hair, clothes, relationships, or time better! Many people are hungry for growth and inspiration. You are that person to give it to them. Take a step back, create an obtainable timeline, do your research, get a solid support system, and get to work.

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