Monday, Monday (Do You Get the Monday Morning Blues?)

Monday MorningMonday, Monday (Do You Get the Monday Morning Blues?)

Do you suffer from the Monday Blues?  In my case, they were a feeling that often started creeping in on Sunday afternoon, which only served to ruin the last precious hours of my weekend.  What a waste!  Now that I work from home however, I’ve realized that though I still spend part of Sunday evenings going over my “to-do” list for the morning and my schedule for the rest of the week, it doesn’t cause me the same amount of anxiety that it used to.

Here are the top things that make me appreciate working from home on Mondays:

    • I really appreciate those extra minutes of sleep before I get in the shower
    • I can ease into the day and the week.  When I sit down at my desk with my coffee, I am not frazzled from traffic, rude drivers, or the “morning rush” to get out of the house
    • I can check emails while listening to the morning news
    • I avoid that aforementioned anxiety and stress that used to get to me

If you don’t work from home and still struggle with the Monday Blues, there are some tips that can help:

    • Try not to dwell on your feelings.  Put off thinking about it for a while, and try to enjoy those last hours of your weekend.
    • Think through why you are feeling blue.  Once you go through the items on your list, you might realize that none of them are that bad!  A lot of times it’s not the actual work that gets us down, but the idea of having to start it.
    • Try to get a workout in or a walk on your lunch hour.  It starts the week off right, makes you feel good and maybe makes up for some of those extra calories that you might have had over the weekend (wine, anyone?) J
    • Try pacing yourself so your first day back isn’t as stressful.  Try to have your desk organized before you leave on Friday, and think about having your clothes laid out, and everything you need for the day next to the door so the morning isn’t spent rushing around.

There are lots of tricks that we can use to help ourselves get over the Monday Blues.  Which are your favorites?   If you work from home on Mondays, do you find that you start your week with much less anxiety than when you were in a traditional office environment?  I would love to hear if this has made any changes in your life!


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