How Often Should You Send Your Email Newsletter?

Show Your Audience the Way by Providing Consistently Fantastic Content
Now that you’re steadily building your email subscriber list, it’s your duty to keep in touch with your audience. Newsletters, promotions, weekly tips, there are a TON of options. No matter what content framework you choose, the most important part is consistently reaching out to your subscribers—even if your list is still small!

Monthly? Weekly? Bi-monthly? Decoding How Often to Send Your Email Newsletter

Hoarding your email list is a huge no-no. Why? Well for one you’re missing out on connecting with your audience in a meaningful way. People want to feel like you’re talking to them individually and there’s no better place to do that than in their most private internet space—their inbox. Secondly, you’re shooting yourself in the foot when it comes time to sell or promote yourself. Consistent messages translate to a belief that you and your business are reliable and useful. If your audience hasn’t heard from you in months, then all of a sudden you show up trying to sell them something, it’s not going to work. They won’t trust you (and they might not even remember who you are!). So how often should you send out a newsletter? What days work best? How do you know it’s working?

Why Send Regular Newsletters & Emails?

Even when you only have a handful of subscribers, it is extremely important to send out regularly scheduled newsletters to that tiny group. In fact, I would argue it’s most important to send out consistent emails early on because it allows you to:

Get in the habit of writing and sending regularly scheduled newsletters without all the pressure of sending something out to 100s or 1000s of subscribers.
Test different newsletter formats and angles to make sure that when you do have those 100s or 1000s of subscribers that you’re supply content that will achieve an awesome ROI.
Have room for errors! While neither MailChimp or Aweber are difficult to use, the likelihood of sending out something with awkward formatting, to the wrong list, or an email that just simply wasn’t ready for anyone else’s eyes is a real possibility. It’s best to get this out of your system when it’s mostly friends & family on your subscriber list :)

How Often Should You Send Your Email Newsletter?

This is really up to what you know you can handle realistically. Diving into sending a weekly newsletter might be a stretch, especially if you don’t have a ton of content to share quite yet. Sending an email blast more than once a month though will estrange you from your readers – which makes selling to them much, much harder.

Start by sending a regular newsletter once a month on a scheduled day, for example the first Wednesday of the month. Your newsletter should run about 500-900 words and provide great content, fabulous resources, and more. Then consider peppering in mini-newsletters throughout the rest of the month, either once a week or two weeks later to provide a follow-up on your call-to-action, a promotion, or a Tip-of-the-Week type of message.

What Day(s) Should You Send It?

Tuesdays through Thursday… And Sunday. Here’s why Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are your top choices: these are the safe choices. People are working, they are checking their email frequently, and they are paying attention during the middle of the week. Mondays are out because everyone is catching up from the weekend and planning for the week. Fridays and Saturdays are out because people are in weekend-mode (yes, even on Friday). So Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the safest days to send an email in terms of having it received AND read.

However, Sundays are increasingly becoming a great day to send newsletters. People are more likely to be sending emails to friends and family, shopping online, checking out pics on Facebook from the weekend, and basically just hanging out online. You’re also not competing with important work-related emails on Sunday.

Pick a day that works best for you. Writing a great email newsletter should take about 3 days: Day 1 = writing, Day 2 = rest, Day 3 = review and send. The key is to be consistent!

Testing Your Choices

The best parts of online marketing are all of the analytics available and the ability to easily tweak your methods. Even after sending just one email newsletter, you can see who has viewed your email, who has clicked on any of the newsletter links, if there has been an increase in traffic to your website, and if they’re sharing your newsletter with anyone else. Checking the Open rate is a great way to see if you’re sending your newsletters at a good time. If no one is opening the newsletter, adjust the day and time that you are sending.

What days do you send your email newsletter? How often? Let us know in the comments below!

Alex Zamorski is a writer, editor, and publishing guide at Calamus Works. She loves to help entrepreneurs and small businesses build their audience and grow their brand. Connect with her over on Twitter: @CalamusWorks or head over to

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